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  • Commercial Lease Feb 14 , 2024

    DTLA Creative Office Space at 1013 S Los Angeles St

    Commercial real estate in DTLA's Fashion District! This beautiful building is 13 stories high and was once warehouse space for manufacturing, but is now primarily being used as creative office space! Most of the tenants are fashion along with plenty of photographers. This building gets so much attention because of the stunning natural light it gets from westward facing windows. Spaces have central HVAC, cement flooring, exposed ceilings, warehouse style windows, passenger elevator, 2 freight elevators, and more! Moreover, the building has very competitive price per square foot which is what everyone's looking for in this office space market. Last but not least, there's 24/7 access. Visit realestateLA.com/address/1013-s-los-angeles-st for current availabilities!

  • Commercial Lease Feb 13 , 2023

    Spring Arts Tower DTLA Creative Space for Rent in Los Angeles

    What small business in Los Angeles doesn't need some creative space? Fortunately, one of the most popular buildings in DTLA, the Spring Arts Tower, has people covered. Located in DTLA's Old Bank District, it is noteworthy to mention that the price per square footage here, won't break your bank! One of the most distinguishing features of the building is that its ground floor is home to the Last Bookstore, one of the top privately held bookstores in the world and a must-see second floor mezzanine art gallery. If you are a tenant here, all you have to do is say "I'm in the same building as the Last Bookstore" and everyone will know what you're talking about and where you're at! Not only that, this building also features the Crocker Club, an old bank vault converted into a bar & event space, along with Spring St Cafe on the 9th floor, a charming and polished cafe experience with coffee, pastries, sandwiches and more. In addition to all this, and the main point of this post, is that the Spring Arts Tower is likely your best bang for your buck when it comes to renting creative space in DTLA. Call it what you want, creative office space, whatever, these units feature polished cement floors, exposed ceilings (no dropped officey looking spaces here!), and large windows flooding every space with natural light. With units facing 5th St, Spring St, the interior courtyard, and the alley/building next door; the building offers a variety of views to choose from, each with its own advantage. For instance, the courtyard units are the most quiet, 5th St gets the best light, and Spring St gets lower noise and relatively good & neutral for most of the day as it faces the South. Home to artists, photographers, lawyers, a hair salon, a tattoo studio, non-profit organizations, tech companies, you name it and that type of tenant is probably here. These small private creative spaces come available monthly, and a bunch lease monthly. Take advantage of all the building has to offer, including the most competitive rates from Los Angeles creative office space in the entire city! It is definitely advantage to have your own private office space in these times, where many people who have been working from home since the pandemic, are starting to go crazy from rarely leaving their home! There's nothing like having a separate space to put you in work mode, apart from home mode! So if you're looking for Los Angeles creative space, the Spring Arts Tower has to be on your list of possibilities, because of the many advantages stated here! Did I forget to mention there's 24/7 access and 24/7 security? And that all electricity, water, and trash are included (provided no inordinate use)? Yep, that's right. So come visit what was once dubbed the Crocker Bank Building in the Historic Core of DTLA, in the part of the neighborhood known as the Old Bank District!

  • Commercial Lease Nov 11 , 2022

    Leasing Office Space in the South Bay in Lawndale!

    Office space for rent in the South Bay! Excited about this new listing!  I've been waiting on this one for a while! Welcome to the South Bay Square Building! This is an EXCELLENT creative office building with NEW RENOVATIONS in a nice area of the South Bay! The building exterior was recently painted and the interior hallways & lobby were recently upgraded! This building is positioned in a great location on the corner of Hawthorne Blvd and 154th St, within 4 miles of LAX. The location also features convenient access to the 405, 105, 91, & 110 freeways. The building has 24/7 ACCESS. The units can be leased as-is, or per negotiation, the landlord can improve them to meet your needs like NEW PAINT, NEW FLOORING, & NEW LIGHTING FIXTURES! Lots of units have already been renovated! All the units have GREAT NATURAL LIGHT. Additionally, there is secured underground ON-SITE PARKING! Last but not least, ALL UTILITIES ARE INCLUDED, provided there's no inordinate use.  Ideal for creative companies or traditional office type users like lawyers, accountants, and any industry looking for office use.  One thing that building cannot accommodate is medical office space. Get these Lawndale office spaces for rent before they're gone! Ask us the advantages of signing a five-year lease! On all our listings MINIMAL ONE YEAR LEASE ARE ACCEPTED ONLY, and owner may require a longer than one-year lease for this listing. Showings by APPOINTMENT ONLY. We are a real estate brokerage, if this space doesn’t meet your needs we may have or know about something else that does. Please submit your information on the Quick Contact Form or call/text us at 213-304-4727 now! And don’t forget to follow us on social media @QuixoticRealty, thank you!

  • Commercial Lease Jul 7 , 2020

    can DTLA office space be a veblen good?

    I won't lie, I found out about this economic principle on the Netflix show "Explained," the diamond episode. Since then I've been thinking: can DTLA office space be a veblen good? A veblen good is type of product that increases in demand when the price increases. For instance, the quality of attorney services is often fallaciously thought that the higher the hourly the rate, the better the attorney and his or her services. The same goes with diamonds. Some people might say "Oh that diamond is priced so high... it must be of an exquisite quality" or, "I can't get buy my wife that diamond it's too cheap, she'll find out, then I'll never hear the end of it!" But can this phenomena occur in the search for office space? Well, the answer is yes and no. Suppose you're looking at a list of DTLA office spaces and one is ranked $2.60 per square foot and the other rate is $1.50 per square foot. What's the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it, "Wow the latter is a great deal!" or, "The latter must be very bad quality!" Well, I don't know what your answer is, but I could see someone thinking the office space must be of an awful quality. A logical person would visit each office building. She would personally assess the quality of the view, the flooring, the natural light, the ceilings, the lighting, the common areas, the amenities, and et cetera. Then that person would determine for herself whether the space for $1.50 per square foot is simply awful and the rate is indeed justified, or it is simply just a great deal. My concern is that people will assume the latter with my listings that are priced aggressively: not realize it's a great deal and think it must be awful. You might say, "Donegan are you worrying that your clients looking for office space in DTLA are stupid?" My answer to that is, "Not really." I think if people aren't studying the spaces closely, and doing a preliminary search, they might just toss that one out of the pile just because it's so far below the other buildings nearby it's not even worth touring. Actually, I normally assume my clients are smart. I assume they'll shop around. So if I see the market going one way or another, I'll price them in anticipation for that; and expect people to see it's a good deal. But what about those decision makers who aren't meticulous searchers? Ones that make decisions quickly and move forward full throttle. Well, often times, business owners make decisions like this. It's one of the DISC personality types, the D for dominant. And business owners are the ones who rent office spaces. So what is the solution? Well, there is no perfect way to market something, I suppose. I'll continue to assume my renters are smart and see that my listings are priced well. But I'll also keep in mind the possibility that some people looking for DTLA office space may be quick to judge just by the price per square foot being low. Check out our current Los Angeles office space listings DTLA and give us a call/text to check them out, if you're serious about leasing that is!    

  • Commercial Lease Mar 11 , 2020

    DTLA Office Space Market Predictions: Much Ado About Office Space in Downtown LA

    For me, it has been an interesting ride in commercial real estate from when I first came to DTLA in 2008 to now. It was the lowest point of the recession. I was homeless at that time, and then I found myself staying with a friend who was living in a warehouse in the Fashion District. I connected with his landlord and started renting warehouse space for artists to do the same. Because I was so successful at it, I wasn't surprised when the residential market exploded with growth. And equally, I wasn't surprised that the industrial style or warehouse-look became increasingly popular. I quickly found my services more in demand for smaller commercial real estate space than residential space. Also, I liked commercial better, and legally converting commercial space to live/work was and still is far too onerous, costly, and time consuming of a task. And it just was not worth dealing with how over-regulated, and quite frankly, bullshit-oriented the Los Angeles bureaucracy machine made it to make living in commercial space legal. So I quickly focused on office, warehouse, showroom, & retail uses only. At the time, space having an industrial look in Los Angeles office space was a unique thing. And not to disparage it, because it is still as awesome as ever, after 12 years, the warehouse space look in office space is now basically the status quo. So as you probably know the Downtown LA renaissance burgeoned into full flowering mode. Other things happened too. Ecommerce took flight. The face of retail has been changed forever. The type of commercial tenants in DTLA began to change from lawyer offices & sewing factory tenants to artists & "creative" tenants. And guess who specialized in artists and creative tenants? :) Also companies became more ecommerce focused in their use. Manufactures steadily moved overseas and continue to do so with California's over-regulation and increases in minimum wage. As ecommerce flourishes, ground floor space in the Fashion District have seen showroom tenants dropping like flies, and dropping rent prices. This fact, and all the new development that has occurred has created a surplus of cheap cool ground floor space. And this surplus, has also amplified the surplus that has been created in the office market as well, because at the end of the day renters are going to compare pricing, location, style, and amenities and an increase in ground floor space also affects the overall creative office market. Countless abandoned buildings or buildings that were once all sewing factories sold and were converted to live/work lofts. Many also converted into creative office buildings. Brokers sold developers/buyers on the idea that "You can get $3psf if you convert to creative office" and well, buyers bought it. Well, right now, it is pretty damn hard to achieve $3psf for office space in most of DTLA. Another factor has been that, with the conversion of types of uses of space, there was once a far less supply of small office spaces in Downtown LA. As a result, more co-working spaces businesses have popped up, effectively increasing the completion of attaining tenants looking for space for 2000sf or less. So basically, after such a long development and redevelopment run, now everyone and their mother is trying to lease out their commercial space to artists, and smaller commercial spaces are more abundant, and well the DTLA office market is more competitive overall, a lot more competitive. There is a surplus but it is a manageable surplus. It is not a huge, and not sure if I want to say big, but there is definitely strong competition out there. Since everyone is largely doing the same style, the name of the game has largely been who can offer the best price-per-square foot. And renters now a days, care a lot more about price per square foot than they use to. I do not see these trends in the DTLA office space market ending soon. Depending on the economy goes, we could be looking at a continued slight surplus for at least a year. But the good news is there are things that can help landlords be more competitive, aside from price. Amenities are a nice thing, like a roof lounge, an on-site cafe or market, a shared common area of any kind like a game room, kitchen space, meeting/conference room, gym, and et cetera. And of course, we here at dtlarealestate.com are an incredible resource for landlords and tenants of all kinds looking for office space in Los Angeles, not to mention warehouse, showroom, and retail space as well!

  • Commercial Lease Mar 14 , 2017

    Los Angeles Office Space for Lease a 724 S Spring St

    Like many creative office buildings in Downtown LA, this building was once used for sewing manufacturing. Being an industrial style building it is no wonder it was once industrial. Well, in 2012 a developer purchased the building and converted into creative office space. I've leased to around thirteen sets of tenants in this building, and it's no wonder why. It sells itself. It's located in the best location of Downtown LA, well, a block from it, on Spring Street between 7th and 8th. 6th/Spring I consider the best location. This is where DTLA Artwalk occurs on Spring between 4th and 8th Streets. Anyway, the spaces are wonderful. Polished cement flooring, some have large white polished tile. Every unit has central HVAC with its own private thermostat. The building has 24/7 access and there's a security guard onsite Monday through Friday. The units are reasonably priced per square foot. There's currently three available! Visit the main page to check them out. As always, thanks for visiting and making us your first resource for creative office space Los Angeles. We also can provide LA property management services in Los Angeles, Los Angeles homes for sale, and we can help you buy condos for sale in Downtown LA. Give us a call now!

  • Commercial Lease Dec 30 , 2016

    Chinatown Restaurant Space for Lease

    Really excited about this new restaurant lease listing in Chinatown. I've been trying to get this listing for 2-3 years now for the office space upstairs! All of the sudden I get a text out of the blue that pretty much says "Hey we'd like to you to lease the building for us now." Wow... after all that time! Needless to say I'm grateful. So apparently the restaurant tenant recently retired and left this awesome gem, well a diamond in the rough you might say since it needs a remodel. Fortunately, this space has existing restaurant permits (which is huge for Downtown LA! It's in such high demand, space like this for restaurants with permits. Otherwise, if you were to start from scratch, you'd be looking at at least $200k and 9 months time for building out vent, hood, and getting all the inspections, and so on and so forth. There's more photos on our home page but basically this space is very reasonably listed at $5500 monthly and it's approx 1700sf. There's up to 10 parking spaces available. Give us a call for details and touring information. It's appointment only. Also, we still offer commercial property management in Los Angeles!

  • Commercial Lease Apr 28 , 2016

    The Foundation of the Fashion District

    Michael J. Connell was born in Ireland in 1854. He immigrated to the USA as a young man and became successful in several different ventures. At the turn of the twentieth century, he moved to Los Angeles and built the first garment and textile manufacturing buildings, effectively starting the Fashion District. Connell build his first garment and textile buildings in 1911. He continued to build throughout the decade and in 1916 he hired architect Frank Stiff to design several properties, including the building that is now Cornell Lofts. In 1958, the building was upgraded. In 2001, because of their rich history, the Cornell Lofts building along with its neighbors the Eckardt building and the Santee Court building were designated Los Angeles historic monuments. At some point in the mid twentieth century, the Cornell building and its neighbors were bought by businessman Arthur Gerry. He in turn sold the buildings to MJW Investments in 1998. MJW had also acquired four other buildings in the area and all the buildings were converted to lofts. The first lofts began selling in 2004. In 2008, MJW defaulted on a construction loan and the Cornell, Eckhardt and Santee Court buildings ended up in the hands of the Bank of America. In 2010, the investment team of Kennedy Wilson and RECP/Urban Partners bought the unsold units, finished the work that needed to be done, and put the units back on market. If you would like to find out more about these amazing lofts please contact DLTA Real Estate.com!

  • Commercial Lease Apr 23 , 2016

    What developments do you want in your neighborhood? (Besides Trader Joe's)

    We at DTLARealEstate.com are always trying to pair great potential tenants with property owners. What developments do you want in your neighborhood? On a regular basis we reach out to businesses both large and small to recruit them into space in Downtown Los Angeles. What we would like do now is hear from you to see which businesses you would like us to contact. We will be posting this blog entry on several DTLA groups and forums and we encourage you in the comments to tell us what you would like to see in Downtown and where. However we do ask that you give suggestion other than Trader Joe's and In n Out. We know you want those and we've already been in contact! Please comment below and help us shape your downtown. What developments do you want in your neighborhood? What developments do you want in your neighborhood? OUR COMMERCIAL LEASE LISTINGS OUR COMMERCIAL SALES LISTINGS We at DTLARealEstate.com are always trying to pair great potential tenants with property owners. On a regular basis we reach out to businesses both large and small to recruit them into space in Downtown Los Angeles. What we would like do now is hear from you to see which businesses you would like us to contact. We will be posting this blog entry on several DTLA groups and forums and we encourage you in the comments to tell us what you would like to see in Downtown and where. However we do ask that you give suggestion other than Trader Joe's and In n Out. We know you want those and we've already been in contact! Please comment below and help us shape your downtown. What developments do you want in your neighborhood? What developments do you want in your neighborhood?

  • Commercial Lease Apr 9 , 2016

    Starting a restaurant in Los Angeles. It's not as easy as you think - but we can help!

     How to start a restaurant in Los Angeles We get calls everyday from people who would love to break into the Downtown Los Angeles restaurant market.Many people think you can go out and find a space, put in your equipment and furniture, have the health department sign off, and then start making money. If only it were that simple. Unless you are assuming an existing business and changing nothing you will generally have to go through a change of use through building and safety. You have to have your restaurant fully designed and planned and wait for their review before you get to start renovating. Most full service restaurants need to serve alcohol to hit their profit margins which involves a conditional use permit. Both of these are long and complicated processes which involve going in front of local area councils, LAPD, and the department of building and safety. It's no easy feat. You have to be prepared to pay rent on a space for anywhere from 10 to 12 months before you open your doors. We at dtlarealestate.com understand that for many individual owners this is not possible. As we don't believe that the only people in hospitality in downtown should be large corporate entities or millionaire owners, we like to assist potential owners in negotiating the best deal to mitigate these challenges. We can help negotiate periods of free rent or tenant improvements by the property owners to assist you. We also have close relationships with permitting experts that specialize in downtown. We even have a member of our staff who has a decade of experience in the hospitality field. There is no better brokerage in downtown to help you opening a restaurant in Los Angeles!  Especially leasing a restaurant in Downtown LA! ,How to start a restaurant in Los Angeles How to start a restaurant in Los Angeles OUR COMMERCIAL LEASE LISTINGS OUR COMMERCIAL SALES LISTINGS

  • Commercial Lease Apr 1 , 2016

    Work out of a Los Angeles Theatre Landmark!

    Work out of a Los Angeles Theatre Landmark Imagine having your creative office space in a Downtown Los Angeles theater landmark. That dream can be in reality as it has been announced that the Los Angeles Theater Center has made available a fifth floor creative office space on a use permit. Your client and employees can walk through the theater center lobby featuring high ceilings and gorgeous skylights to reach this incredible space. The space itself is 1700 square feet of blank canvas space to allow your own personal touches. It features a wide open space complemented by three privates offices. The space's amenities include Central HVAC and access to both a passenger and freight elevator. If you are interested in this rare opportunity please contact Donegan McCuaig at (213) 304-4727 or view our other listings at www.dtlarealestate.com. DISCLOSURES: The information contained herein is deemed reliable but was obtained from third parties and has not been independently verified by DTLA Real Estate and is therefore not guaranteed. Brokers/agents are not qualified to act, consult, make conclusions, and/or provide advice with respect to legal, tax, environmental, licensing, permitting, architectural, building code and construction, soils-drainage, and/or any other such matters, so for these things you should refer to the appropriate expert of your choice. Pictures shown might not be of the actual particular available space, but of a similar one in the same building. As commonly practiced in commercial real estate, if there is a common area, square feet quoted is the gross square feet and includes a portion/load factor of the building's common areas. Rent rate and terms on all of DTLA Real Estate's advertisements and correspondences are subject to change so the final rent rate and terms are not valid or binding until a written lease has been signed by lessor and lessee. Please see our web-site for full disclosures. Lic#01753250 OUR COMMERCIAL LEASE LISTINGS OUR COMMERCIAL SALES LISTINGS Work out of a Los Angeles Theatre Landmark Work out of a Los Angeles Theatre Landmark

  • Commercial Lease Mar 26 , 2016

    Los Angeles Restaurant Space for Lease Unique Opportunity

    Los Angeles Restaurant Space for Lease Unique Opportunity DTLA Real Estate.com is proud to present an incredible new opportunity to lease large restaurant or retail space on Spring Street. This space used to house an annex of the LA Times Office, but the recent layoffs at the Times have opened this space up to the public. The site sits directly across the street for the future location of the Metro Regional Connector so foot traffic will not be a problem here. The false facade of smooth plaster of this building will be removed and the original historic architecture will be restored and refurbished, separating it from the Southland Credit Building. The space has a stunning stylish industrial look that is extremely popular now, with soaring ceilings and fantastic skylights these spaces are definitely jaw-droppers, making them an ideal space for any company wishing to juxtapose themselves with a cool/hip image. The space is steps away from The Edison and and is within walking distance of Grand Central Market, Walt Disney Concert Hall, and the brand new Broad Museum. A restaurant tenant will be in company of venues such as Redbird, Otium, and Badmaash. The building can be rented together or divided evenly into two and rented separately. The building can be a net lease of the entire space or it can be subdivided into spaces of 2886sf, 7153sf, and 1489sf! Space features incredible raw wood and raw brick materials. If you would like to set up a tour of this space please contact Donegan at 213-304-4727. Also please view our other listings on our website at dtlarealestate.com BRE Lic #01753250 OUR COMMERCIAL LEASE LISTINGS OUR COMMERCIAL SALES LISTINGS

  • Commercial Lease Mar 19 , 2016

    Spring St Retail Space for Lease - Downtown LA Real Estate is here!

    Every second Thursday of the month Spring Street from 2nd St to 9th Street hosts Downtown LA's ArtWalk Event. The stretch is informally dubbed "Gallery Row" and all of these galleries open their doors to the public. Even more traditional retailers get involved hosting events and exhibitions. Food trucks and sidewalk vendors crowd the streets. Over the past few years it has quickly become one of Downtown's "don't miss" events. One of the questions that comes up frequently among artists is how do I display my work during this event? One of the easiest methods could be having your own gallery right in the middle of the event. DTLARealEstate.com is proud to present the opportunity to take over a small gallery space at 333 S Spring St. The gallery is a ground floor space measuring 644 sq ft. The rate is three dollars per square foot which well below market value for a sub 1000 sq ft space. There is also 844 sq of mezzanine space which the new tenant will have the option to lease at a negotiable rate. This is a 15 month sublease after which the new tenant can negotiate for a new longer term lease with the building. For more information please view our website at dtlarealestate.com

  • Commercial Lease Mar 12 , 2016

    Los Angeles Retail Space for Lease - House of Vintage wins DTLA's Best Vintage Boutique

    Vintage Clothing is something that has become synonymous with up and coming trendy neighborhoods. When I worked in the East Village of New York City in 2004 there were at least two or three on every block. However not all vintage stores are created equal. While some offer timeless throwbacks to past decades others are little more than a garage sale. Today Racked LA listed the top 24 vintage stores in Los Angeles and House of Vintage placed number 6 and the highest in Downtown Los Angeles. Owner Felicity Rathbone has cultivated a collection including names like DVF, Oscar De La Renta, and Versace that spans the 1920's to the 1990's. Her success has caused her to outgrow her current location so there is now an opportunity to take over the existing location as House of Vintage relocates. The location is being marketed for sale by Ms. Rathbone including all existing furniture and fixtures. The name and inventory are not included but it offers a chance for a turnkey ready to open operation in Downtown's Historic Core. If you would like more information please visit DTLARealEstate.com.

  • Commercial Lease Mar 5 , 2016

    The Rampart Arms Building - Westlake Los Angeles Real Estate

    If you walk through any neighborhood in Los Angeles you're likely to come across one of nearly 1500 concrete buildings that were constructed before 1976. Full concrete buildings became popular throughout Los Angeles around the turn of the Century due to their durability. In 1976 the city determined that while sturdy these building were very vulnerable to the side to side motions of earthquakes. Over the next twenty five years the city began the process of having these retrofitted with steel beams. Today these buildings are perfectly safe and are a testament to an architectural rage of the past. People might guess that the first concrete structure was built in Downtown Los Angeles but it actually sits in the MacArthur Park area at 601 S Rampart Blvd. It was constructed in 1910 and today exists as the Rampart Arms Apartments. Recently multiple retail spaces have opened up in the building and offer an exciting opportunity to launch a business in a rapidly emerging area. It is the feeling of many stakeholders that MacArthur Park/Westlake will soon become a de facto suburb of downtown. If you are interested in this exciting opportunity you can find more details on our main page.

  • Commercial Lease Dec 10 , 2015

    Downtown LA Lofts for Sale - 940 E 2nd St

      Before John Steinbeck became the literary household name he is today he worked throughout Southern California on sugar beet ranches owned by the Spreckels brothers, who at one time were the sugar barons of the Western United States. The Spreckels brothers needed a warehouse with easy access to the train depots in Central Los Angeles to take their sugar so they constructed the building that is the Lofts at 940 E 2nd St today. When the artist in residence ordinance was passed in 1981 it gave new life to what became know as The Arts District. 940 E 2nd played a major part and now consists of 38 live work lofts in the heart of one of Downtown's most historic neighborhoods. All of the units in the building feature two bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms over three floors. Parking for each space is located directly outside of the front door of each unit. Each space combines modern exteriors with finishes respecting the historic nature of the building such as exposed brick, steel beams, and high vaulted ceilings. If you would like to learn more about the building and available units contact dtlarealestate.com at 213-304-4727. Unless otherwise noted we do not represent any ownership interests or management related to this building.

  • Commercial Lease Dec 9 , 2015

    Biscuit Company Lofts - Condos for Sale in Downtown LA

      What do Oreos have in common with the Arts District? The answer lies at 1850 Industrial Street. The Biscuit Company Lofts sit here occupying 7 floors and 187,000 square feet at the intersection of Industrial and Mateo. It was constructed in 1925 as the west coast headquarters of the National Biscuit Company, better known as Nabisco. Nabisco has an interesting association with American architecture having opened their first corporate office in the world's first skyscraper, the Home Insurance Building, in 1898 in Chicago. They looked to make a similar splash in Los Angeles and hired EJ Eckel to construct their California offices. In 2006 the building underwent a $25 million dollar renovation to convert the building into 104 live/work condo units. The 2007 declaration as designated historical monument made the building Mills Act eligible. This prestigious address has attracted former celebrity tenants such as Nicholas Cage, Vincent Gallo, and Justin Lin. The building features amenities such as a 24 hour doorman, a 75 foot pool, and a full size gym. The Arts District itself features some of Los Angeles' best restaurants and the upcoming addition of Soho House. If you would like to learn more about the building and available units contact dtlarealestate.com at 213-304-4727. Unless otherwise noted we do not represent any ownership interests or management related to this building.

  • Commercial Lease Nov 17 , 2015

    Retail Space for Lease in Koreatown Los Angeles

    Commercial real estate in Koreatown Los Angeles is an interesting thing because Koreatown is so vibrant and diverse with historic buildings and brand new buildings and little bars, restaurants, and cafe gems that are hiding in every nook and cranny of the city. This building is no exception. Haddon Hall, built in 1926, is an apartment building with retail space now available. This building has a beautiful raw brick facade, and unfortunately the previous owners covered up some of the unique architectural details of the retail. Fortunately, the new owners of this building are moving forward with improvements to bring back the architectural historic design integrity, first of which includes exposing the covered up archway windows. This however, will make coming up with a way for business owners to have visible signage a challenge that will require some creativity, but we here at dtlarealestate.com aren't one to back down from a challenge! In any case, these spaces will not be hard to lease since there are not many small retail spaces for lease available listed at such reasonable prices per square foot. This area is slowly gentrifying, just like Downtown Los Angeles. These retail availabilities are a prime opportunity for a young business to get started and develop into a brand with multiple locations. If you have a retail business with a hip concept that caters to the growing gentrified population of Koreatown, we here at dtlarealestate.com will be happy to schedule a showing with you. For this and more commercial real estate for lease in Koreatown LA give us a call!

  • Commercial Lease Oct 21 , 2015

    For Leasing Commercial Real Estate in Gentrifying Areas of DTLA, Price is Often Not the Problem

    As a commercial real estate broker in Downtown LA, I talk to commercial owners and managers of property in Downtown Los Angeles all the time.  When an owner has a vacant space and wants to work with me I see my role as getting their property leased within 90 days.  If I show it to five qualified people and they do not lease, there’s something wrong funky with one of the 5 causes.  As I wrote in a previous blog entry, there’s 5 things that cause space to get leased.  The biggest one of these 5 causes for properties in gentrifying areas of Downtown LA is often not price. Typically, the issue is lack of value which relates to many things including style, safety, and simplicity.  If you own commercial real estate in Downtown LA in a transitioning/gentrifying area and you follow the recommendations in this article, you will make more money from your property than you can imagine.  Your return on investment in this market will be far better by improving value over lowering price. To recap, here’s those 5 causes that cause properties to get leased.  One, marketing exposure.  Two, time.  Three, adding value.  Four, lowering price.  And five, improving sales presentation.  For me, marketing is never the problem.  If it’s in Downtown LA I can market their property more than anyone else can in Downtown LA.  Time?  No one has time.  Sales?  Most of the time spaces lease themselves, but a sales person does make a difference, and I’m not a bad salesman.  These typically have not been an issue.  Price?  Price has not been the problem.  People in Los Angeles can afford very high rents.  The most common problem I see that keeps properties in gentrifying areas of Downtown LA from leasing is lack of value in terms of style, safety, and simplicity for potential tenants.  If you want gentrified tenants for you un-gentrified property, this is what you need to know. Business owners are looking for value!  They educate themselves.  They look around at different spaces and get a gauge on what’s available for what.  They pay attention to details and compare those details.  Also, business owners have minimal standards!  You can have a crappy building for $.25 a square foot, and still no self-respecting business owner is going to want to relocate their business there. So yes, the problem is value! Business owners care about their image just like they care about what kind of clothes they wear.  Does the property have a style that you can argue for aesthetically?  For gentrifying properties, creative companies are the most likely tenants.  Yes, people like shabby warehouses, but if they are the type that’s willing to pay $5000 a month for a creative office space or retail space in Downtown Los Angeles, they are going to need the space to be crisp, clean, and polished.  The key is to make the property stylish, make it cool, make it what business owners would want to align their image with. Safety is also a spin-off of value.  Safety is a big concern, especially for people not familiar with Downtown Los Angeles.  People that live here feel comfortable, but some people are shocked simply by homeless people asking them for money.  Shocked and afraid! People who have not lived in the Historic Core for a while and find themselves among homeless people, the drug addicted, and/or the mentally ill members of Downtown LA, often freak out. I see it all the time.  Just because you might be use to these type of people, most other people are not. Regardless, for everyone, safety is important.  When you add exterior lighting, security cameras, and a security guard the safety concern is a lot less problematic.  If people are concerned about the safety of your property, they’re probably going to drive by it or walk around there at night to ease their concerns.  If it is pitched black around your building, they obviously are not going to feel safe! Also, business owners care about amenities.  Does the space have HVAC?  Is there a conference room in the common areas?  Are the bathrooms and common areas clean?  Does the exterior of the building look well kept?  Does the lobby give a good first impression?  Often times, it doesn’t matter how cheap the space is, a lot of people simply will not rent without certain things. Last but not least, and a spin-off on value, make the move in simple.  The less the tenant has to do to make the space work for them, the better.  If it’s not move in ready, you cannot show them it does indeed work for them.  Make your property safe, don’t tell people you can.  Make it convenient, don’t tell people you can. People are untrusting these days more than ever, especially in real estate. For instance, lots of gentrifying properties don’t have central HVAC.  Well there’s good news, there’s other options for AC.  Best case scenario, buy the portable AC’s or one of the other AC options out there.  Moreover, install it for them or maintenance!  You can charge them a monthly fee, like the Spring Arts Tower does.  Show them it cools the space down. Do not tell them they can buy the AC and it will cool the space down.  They will think, “Where will I buy an AC and how will I install it?  That sounds complicated. Gosh, that’s another thing to do and worry about.  Wait a second… oh shoot I just remembered I need to go pick up my kids from school.  Crap I think I left the curling iron on!”  Show them! People do not have time or patience.  Tenants will make the easy convenient choice because they have a hundred other things on their mind.  The money you’ll save from having the space leased and not vacant will definitely make you more money than doing the opposite. The most common thing I hear from owners of properties in transitioning areas is this: It’s okay, we can do those improvements once we find a tenant. NO! You need to make your property cool, not tell people you can make it cool. Also, creative people are surprisingly uncreative at times, when looking for Downtown LA real estate.  Also, most people want to move within 30 days.  If it’s going to take you three months to get the improvements done, the “I’ll make it cool” response, makes no sense in principle!  These people will have rented somewhere else by the time the owner is done with the improvements.  Also, since these tenants shop around, why would someone lease at your property that you tell them you’ll make it cool when someone down the street has made the property cool already and they could move in now if they wanted to? So to recap Within reason, price is often not the problem Know that your tenants care about            Style: their image Safety: they don’t want to worry about their employees getting robbed      and suing them or something worse People have minimal necessities no matter how low the price is Know that your potential tenants shop around Make the move-in simple for them They have enough to worry about Make the property an easy “no-worries” choice People are not trusting.  And creative people often are not creative. Make the property cool, don’t tell people you’ll make it cool My name is Donegan McCuaig.  If you’re looking to buy, sell, lease, or manage property in Downtown LA give dtlarealestate.com a call now.  Thank you!

  • Commercial Lease Aug 6 , 2015

    Property Owners/Managers - 5 Ways to Increase Downtown LA Commercial Rental Activity with dtlarealestate.com

    If you're a real estate owner or experienced property manager, you already know these in one form or another, here’s my spin on these concepts.  It is useful to refresh these points in your mind.  There are five ways to increase rental activity for your commercial real estate in Downtown LA, and only five ways to increase rental activity in DTLA.  If you have a vacant space, the cause of the vacancy has something to do with one or more of these factors.  Do you have a vacant commercial space in DTLA?  Wouldn’t you like to be collecting the monthly rent on it?  Well, let’s see what we can do by going over these five factors! ADD VALUE · RENOVATIONS: Sometimes, it is hard to realize how your space looks to fresh eyes, someone seeing the space for the first time.  If your space shows poorly during a tour, this will be a factor in getting the space leased.  Also, the physical appearance of your property will affect the quality of the pictures you are able to get of your space.  When it comes to online advertising, your space is only as good as your photos of it. · BRANDING: Are you positioning your property to the tenants who make up the market for the greatest demand of your property?  Did you use to rely on sewing manufacturing tenants when now the greater demand and value is in creative office space?  Is the image of your space is projecting cool? · How dtlarealestate.com can help: I can consult with you to position your property in the best light possible for the greatest demand based on my knowledge and experience of the “gentrified type of tenant” coming into Downtown Los Angles. INCREASE EXPOSURE OF VACANT UNITS · Marketing is everything.  Is your space getting the most visibility it possibly can to the type of tenants that are most interested in your space? · How dtlarealestate.com can help: First of all, I can make your spaces look good with photography and video.  I have over 38,000 fans on Facebook at facebook.com/dtla4ever where I share photography, street art, and real estate in Downtown LA.  My website gets over a thousand visits per month.  You can Google “commercial real estate Downtown LA” and see how I get so many tenants calling me each day.  I honestly believe there is no one in the world that can give your commercial rental units any more marketing visibility than I can.  And personally, I’ve never seen anyone else come close to the photography and video that I do for my clients’ vacant spaces. REDUCE PRICE/RENT RATE · Self-explanatory. · How dtlarealestate.com can help: You don’t need me for this one. IMPROVE SALES SKILLS OF TOURING AGENT · The sales presentation a tenant receives extraordinarily affects whether they rent or not.  The methods employed when demonstrating the space and persuasion involved can mean the difference between making and breaking a deal. INVENT AND USE A TIME MACHINE · Last but not least, eventually, it might take two years, but someone is going to find out about your space, call you, agree to the rent rate, approve of your sales pitch, and rent your space at your asking price.  Hopefully, you don’t raise the rent rate during that two years time, because it might stay vacant forever! · How dtlarealestate.com can help: I’m a smart guy but I can’t build you a time machine.  You’re on your own with this one! The ways I can work with you (as a Downtown LA real estate broker and property manager) to get your vacant commercial spaces leased better than any other broker in the world are by helping you with adding value, increasing quality of your marketing materials, increasing the number of people exposed to your marketing materials, and being your sales representative.  If you’re interested, give us a call and we can talk about filling your building up with happy tenants!

  • Commercial Lease Jul 1 , 2015

    The Perfect Retail Spaces, with Grit

    The Perfect Retail Spaces with Grit The Historic Core will be welcoming a new ground floor tenant to operate out of this famous landmark, The Baltimore Hotel and the King Edward Hotel.  But who will it be? These properties recently sold in Downtown LA and are under management by a new company.  They are located on the corner of Los Angeles St. and 5th St., this commercial space for lease borders both the Toy District and the Historic Core. Both districts are known for their high-density foot traffic, making it perfect for the right type of tenant!  Preferably a tenant who prefers a dash of grit! Across the street, attached to the historic King Edward Hotel, a restaurant space is also for lease, 119 E 5th St. Both Downtown Los Angeles commercial spaces offer an excellent opportunity to get a great deal on a great location by being on a quickly evolving transitioning block. Recognizing that opening up a normal retail establishment on a street that is in the beginning stages of gentrification isn't easy; it’s good to pay attention to the positive changes happening on the block. For example, on the same block as these two commercial listings, Auntie Em’s Kitchenette is quickly becoming a favorite among locals. Started by two successful entrepreneurs, downtown pioneer and owner of Two Bits Market, Brandi Lozano, who partnered with the owner of Eagle Rock’s destination café’ and bakery, Auntie Em’s Kitchen, Terri Wahl. Rumor has it, that the King Eddy Salon has recently been purchased by LA Nightlifer, Jeremy Fall, who is restoring it to its 80’s glory days; a watering hole for DTLA Legend, Charles Bukowski. I would bet on this city block. Both Downtown LA commercial spaces at the King Edward Hotel and the Baltimore Hotel offer many of the great features Los Angeles tenants expect when leasing in the Historic Core; soaring ceilings, great visibility, window frontage, and these spaces also have private bathrooms! If you are looking to lease a downtown LA retail space, this could be the great deal you are looking for. For questions about this space or any other real estate opportunity, contact Donegan McCuaig at the number above. The Perfect Retail Spaces with GritThe Perfect Retail Spaces with Grit All DTLA Condos For Sale DTLA Live/Work Lofts for Sale

  • Commercial Lease Jul 1 , 2015

    A Downtown Diamond in the Rough, Very Rough

    A Downtown Diamond in the Rough Very Rough Like many of the best finds in downtown Los Angeles real estate, there is a gem hiding in plain sight. You wouldn't know it from looking at the exterior of the building located at 229-241 East 7th Street, but upstairs there are four amazing spaces that can be combined in a variety of ways. Many hopeful tenants who want to lease in Downtown Los Angeles covet 20-foot ceilings, central HVAC, 24/7 access and an adjacent parking lot; this property has it all! Situated on a transitional block of 7th street, you can see the grit turn glint. It is across the street from Santee Court, home to over 200 hundred downtown LA residential lofts. There is nothing sweeter to an Angelino than a one-block commute. Standing on the front sidewalk of the building, looking a few blocks West, you can watch the new Korean Air skyscraper making its way to the high point of the LA City skyline. Fortunately, this building will be getting a paint job soon, as it desperately needs it!  Hopefully the colors will be consistent with the creative interiors.  We'd like to do dark gray with a neon green accent, but we will have to see what the owners say!  This building was actually purchased not long ago.  Having sold recently, the building also has a new property management company!  Everyone seems to be on board with upgrading this commercial building in DTLA! Last but not least, this building also has to ground floor retail spaces for lease!  Being that this building is situated at the border of the Fashion District and the Toy District, and walking distance from the Historic Core, pretty much any type of tenant you can think of could potentially be a good fit!  The building also has a private parking lot situated next to it, and the spaces include parking!  This could be the great deal you are looking for. For questions about this space or any other real estate opportunity, contact Donegan McCuaig at the number above. A Downtown Diamond in the Rough Very Rough A Downtown Diamond in the Rough Very Rough

  • Commercial Lease Jun 30 , 2015

    Property Management in DTLA

    Property Management in DTLA. Have you ever met a Downtown Los Angeles commercial real estate property owner? It might be a little like spotting a unicorn. The truth is, most Downtown LA real estate is owned by international investors. So what does this mean for those of us who live, work and play in DTLA? It means that some of the gentrification efforts are slowed down due to out-of-touch property owners. Have you ever noticed a great building hidden under an old paint job, in need of some light maintenance, and wondered why this great building has been left unkempt in a rapidly gentrifying area? The answer is property management. With owners being remotely located, the property manager is left responsible for the property management and property maintenance, but not all managers know what’s best for the property and the investment. In fact, managers are often reluctant to ask owners for the funds necessary to update old properties. Ironically, in an attempt to save a few thousand dollars, they end up costing their property owners tens of thousands of dollars! In my experience, some managers are too shortsighted. Take the Fashion District for example. Downtown LA’s Fashion District has become a destination spot for retail shoppers all over the city.  However, most typical retailers prefer more traditional retail locations in other areas of Downtown that are less about wholesale: for instance, the Arts District, South Park, or Bunker Hill.  To lease your commercial space for top-dollar, you need to have the right management company in place, assuring that the value is there for both tenants and property owners. Wholesale District property management and Toy District property management is a great example of this point. Buildings in these districts are being managed the same way they were decades ago, while at the same time trying desperately to lease for top-dollar. The buildings that have signed on with property management firms and who have made reasonable upgrades to their properties have seen the returns on their investment and have added to the gentrification efforts; beautifying the neighborhood, increasing foot-traffic, and attracting top-tier tenants who are willing to pay more for the added value. The lesson here is to outsource your Fashion District, Toy District, or Wholesale district property management to professionals, like those at dtlarealestate.com. Donegan McCuaig knows property management and he knows what it takes to keep your building looking great and attracting the best tenants at the most competitive price. For questions about Downtown Los Angeles property management, or any other real estate opportunity, contact Donegan McCuaig at the number above. Property Management in DTLA. Property Management in DTLA.

  • Commercial Lease Apr 20 , 2015

    Property Management Services in Downtown LA's Fashion District

    Are you looking for a property manager for your commercial or residential building in DTLA's Fashion District?  We'd be happy to help you.  Please contact us now!Property Management Services in Downtown Property Management Services in DowntownProperty Management Services in Downtown All DTLA Condos For Sale DTLA Live/Work Lofts for Sale

  • Commercial Lease Apr 1 , 2015

    Warehouse Space for Lease in Los Angeles

    Happy to be working with this owner! Had been trying to list his building in Little Tokyo and one day he said, lease this! It's ironic because warehouse space is what we are best at. Whether it's ground floor or creative office style or for manufacturing or retail space, leasing warehouse space style is what we do! Anyway, this building has outstanding loading and a private gated parking lot. Could fit more than 15 cars in here if you do it all tandem. To check if it's still available call us now!Warehouse Space for Lease in Los Angeles.   Warehouse Space for Lease in Los Angeles. All DTLA Condos For Sale DTLA Live/Work Lofts for Sale

  • Commercial Lease Mar 31 , 2015

    Creative Office Space on Washington Blvd & Hill St

    This space is the only space in the entire building with a balcony!! Quite a cool space! There's windows on three sides of the unit, so it gets tons of natural light. Unit is currently occupied by an existing tenant but they can move out. Polished cement floors, exposed ceilings, 24/7 access, freight elevator, 4 passenger elevators, renovated lobby/hallways/bathrooms, and it's listed only at $1.25psf It's 4997 square feet in total. See the ad for details!

  • Commercial Lease Jan 8 , 2015

    Restaurant Space for Lease in Downtown Los Angeles

    Excellent restaurant space for lease in Little Tokyo! Also have plenty of retail space for lease in DTLA including in the Historic Core, Fashion District, Chinatown, South Park District, and Bunker Hill. This particular space already has the permits ready to go for a restaurant! That's a big deal in Los Angeles, because applying for change of use permits is a nightmare! This space would be excellent for a restaurateur to bring her concept to life in a blossoming shopping center in Downtown Los Angeles. More to come!

  • Commercial Lease Nov 13 , 2014

    Help Buying & Selling Commercial Real Estate in Downtown Los Angeles

    Whether it be Little Tokyo, Skid Row, the Arts District, the Jewelry District, the Old Bank District, the Historic Core, Chinatown, the Toy District, the South Park District, the Fashion District, the Central Business District, or Bunker Hill we have got you covered for help buying and selling commercial real estate. Do you want to buy or sell an office building, retail building, strip center, shopping center, industrial property building, or warehouse building? Not all Downtown LA Commercial Real Estate Brokers are created equal. My knowledge about the culture and the development trajectory of the market in DTLA, partnered with the experience of my colleagues, is unmatched. Commercial buildings are everywhere in Downtown. Some are way over priced. Some are good deals. The commercial real estate market in Downtown is dynamic. Different future improvements in different areas affect the future value of neighboring buildings. You need an agent or a broker with their ear to the ground and in the know about what's coming and the perceptions of differing neighborhoods. With this information you're more capable of making strategic maneuvers that having a broker not experienced with Downtown LA wouldn't be able to. You know what to do! Call (213) 304-4727 now! Thanks for reading our DTLA commercial real estate blog! lic#01753250

  • Commercial Lease Nov 13 , 2014

    Commercial Real Estate for Sale Downtown Los Angeles - Warehouse Building

    Check out this updated graphic of a building that is available for sale in Downtown LA. It's located on the corner of San Pedro and 7th Street. This is a warehouse building with M2 zoning. The space has cement flooring and wood-truss ceiling. The ceilings are HIGH! Building has its own private bathroom. There is an existing tenant, a printing company whose lease ends 2017. Excellent space. For more info and more commercial real estate listings contact our broker at (213) 304-4727. He'll be happy to you help buy commercial property in Downtown LA!

  • Commercial Lease Oct 8 , 2014

    New Space with NICE VIEW Avail at West Washington Building

    This unit faces north and the building is located just a hair south of the 10 freeway. So as you can imagine, and can see here, it's quite a good place to view DTLA's skyline! And what better time would be better to see it other than while you are working! And hopefully, what you're producing is creative work. And that relates what you are probably here for, does it not? That's right! So not so long story short, this space is 1627sf and the previous tenant was a recording studio. They spent a small fortune designing this space and adding after-market lighting. The huge windows let inn a glorious amount of natural light. At the moment, this space is still available! For details and for commercial real estate for sale in Downtown LA call the number above!

  • Commercial Lease Sep 18 , 2014

    Commercial Real Estate Rentals in Downtown LA at West Washington

    Check out this space!!! This is one of three spaces that comprise the penthouse floor of the West Washington Building. This is affectionately called PH3. This space has cement flooring, tons of natural light from tons of windows with a cool view of DTLA, hookups for a kitchenette, soaring ceilings, sky light, and mezzanine/loft area! The space is 3992 square feet, including 20% common area. This commercial building has tons of cool warehouse space to be used as creative office space. The building actually sold not too long ago and is under new management and ownership! If you're looking for commercial real estate for sale in Downtown Los Angeles you know who to call! Same goes with help buying commercial property in DTLA. And of course if you want to lease this space the number is above! (213) 304-4727 that is, in case your eyes are tired ;)

  • Commercial Lease Sep 11 , 2014

    New! Small Retail Space for Lease in Downtown LA's Pico Union

    This building is just a hair south of the 110fwy in Downtown Los Angeles! It's actually technically in Pico Union right at the border of central Downtown LA, since the freeway is pretty much the border line! This small retail listing just came available! It's not often you see small spaces like this in a retail center with such a good anchor tenant, which in this case is Subway Sandwiches! The space has faux wood flooring, a private bathroom, and a private office. There is a small parking lot that is first come first serve. There is a wall unit air-conditioner and the walls are freshly painted. There's also a large window along with the windowed door, which are great for decal text for your business. Last but not least, there is a strip center common sign with a slot with your name on it right under the Subway logo! The space is clean and ready to go! For more retail listings for lease in Downtown Los Angeles visit the link tabs above! And of course you're welcome to call (213) 304-4727 anytime! Thank you

  • Commercial Lease Sep 11 , 2014

    New! Creative Commercial Real Estate Listings in the Garment District

    By now, if you've been following this blog from the beginning, you know this building! The front space on the second floor has just become available! It's approx 3500 gross square feet and again is going for only $1psf! The building is like new since a few years it burnt down, but they kept the original structure, and totally rebuilt it! The space has a private bathroom, central HVAC, kitchenette, and 24 hour access! The building has 24hr video surveillance in the common areas. There's also an intercom at the front lobby door which you can buzz people in. The location is pretty good for the Fashion District! You're just a quick bike ride from all the amenities in central Downtown LA, and what's more, you have easy access to the 10 freeway. Contact our commercial real estate broker at (213) 304-4727 and of course just visit the links at the top tabs for more info! Come get this one while it's still available!

  • Commercial Lease Aug 26 , 2014

    Raw Creative Warehouse Style Retail Space for Lease - Now Upgraded!

    The photos speak for themselves! You have to see the "before" photos! Here's the link.... https://www.realestatela.com/blog/7th-main-st-ground-floor-retail-w-awesome-ppsf/ Crazy huh!? Well now that this space looks amazingly better it also costs a little more too, but it's still under market value! The area is $2psf but this space, with the mezzanine is approx 4089sf and the rock bottom rent rate the owner will let it go for is $5700 monthly! That would include everything but electricity. Space has three half bathrooms, two ground floor and one in the mezzanine. Big open space with extremely unique feel with the mezzanine wrapping around the space and looking down into it. Up and coming area on B location of Main Street. Get it while it lasts! For more commercial buildings for lease in Downtown Los Angeles contact us at (213) 304-4727 now! Our real estate broker is standing by!

  • Commercial Lease Aug 26 , 2014

    Artist Needed for Creative Office Building's Lobby

    I can't believe I haven't posted about this building yet! Sorry guys, it's been about a month or two since before my last previous post. But here I am back in action to update you about what's happening with commercial real estate in Downtown LA! So! This building actually changed hands recently. About two months ago, escrow closed and this building is officially under new management and ownership! While dtlarealestate.com was not part of this transaction, it was on our radar as an excellent creative commercial real estate building for sale in DTLA and we're grateful to be a part of the leasing! By the way, this building has cool industrial warehouse space for lease at only $1psf!! Located at 155 West Washington Boulevard, this building is known by most as the West Washington Building. So the lobby, hallways, and common area restrooms were renovated about two years ago or something like that. But as you can see from the photos, there is something lacking in the lobby. A fresh and inspirational creative vibe is needed because, for God's sake, this is a creative office building! I always like to add art to buildings, and it's been fantastically successful at other buildings, most notably the Allied Crafts Building. So the hunt for an artist is on. And despite lengthy procrastination on someone's part, cough, me, cough, it's moving forward. I've received around 15 submissions so far of different artists wanting to bring this lobby to life! There's still time however! Just email donegan@dtlarealestate.com And of course, if you or someone you know is looking for commercial real property for rent in DTLA give us a call! Contact the broker directly at (213) 304-4727! I'll be sure to update you when the new art work on the lobby progresses and any new info on our commercial real estate agency here in the glorious center of the universe, Downtown Los Angeles!

  • Commercial Lease Aug 26 , 2014

    South Park District Creative Office Space for Lease, border of Fashion District

    Check out this new office space for lease in Downtown LA's South Park District, right on the border of the Fashion District on the corner of Hill Street and Pico Boulevard. This space is clean, nice, and importantly, affordable! Building has central HVAC along with your own private entrance and 24 hour access! Space is only $1 per square foot and is minutes away from central Downtown LA with all the amenities one could want. This area is at the intersection of development and like most of Downtown is slowly, or quickly depending on relativity ;p, changing with improvements. The space has a large reception area, an office space which could easily be a conference room, another small office, and a big open area that the previous tenant used for warehouse space. Space also has it's own entrance from the street. Stair access, no elevator. Interestingly, this intersection on Hill Street and Pico Boulevard has an aggregation of watch/clock shops. Anyway, where else are you going to find $1psf with central a/c and 24 hour access in Downtown Los Angeles other than with dtlarealestate.com! Thanks for reading and if you know someone looking for space have them give us a call!

  • Commercial Lease Jul 9 , 2014

    Retail Space for Lease in Downtown LA's Arts District at One Santa Fe

    Had an awesome opportunity to tour One Santa Fe today with the listing agent for their retail! This 400+ apartment building isn't even built yet and it seems like most of the retail spaces are already rented, or have offers! They are asking $3 per square foot. This building will transform the Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles by adding hundreds of residents to the community and creating. For tenant representation for this property contact us at the phone number above! Not only that, there's another area of vacant land next to the project on 3rd Street with plans to be developed! Stay tuned for the next update. Give us a call if you're looking for commercial real estate in the Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles!

  • Commercial Lease May 19 , 2014

    New! Creative Office Space for Lease in Downtown Los Angeles' Fashion/Garment District

    Well it's been a year since I've posted about this building, and lucky for you the existing tenant is moving out of the front side, third floor space! The space is around 3500 gross square feet, and perhaps you remember the epic photos I took of it before it was sub-divided. Huge bowed wood truss ceiling with insulation and raw wood, along with raw brick wall, and high-end faux wood flooring. The space has a private bathroom with shower and there is also a kitchenette, and wait for it, there's also central heat/ac along with your own private thermostat. The space is located on Main Street near Pico Boulevard in Downtown LA's Fashion District. This is an ideal space for any sort of Fashion Company looking to have a high-end creative presentation to their business. Space like this doesn't come along frequently so here's your chance to seize an opportunity if you're looking for creative commercial real estate in Downtown Los Angeles. The building also has 24 hour access and security cameras in the common areas. The front door has been replaced with a luxurious looking metal and glass design, and comes with an intercom where you can buzz guests in. If you recall, this building actually burnt down a few years ago, and they completely rebuilt it but kept the exterior walls! So, you'll basically be the second tenant to occupy the space since it was built! For more questions and touring info give us a call here at DTLA Real Estate, our commercial real estate broker is standing by. Thanks for reading our blog!

  • Commercial Lease May 17 , 2014

    NEW! Downtown Los Angeles Jewelry District Retail Space for Lease Built 1907!

    So basically I've been trying to get this listing for a year. It's a long story, not one of the likes that would excite you, so I'll leave it out. But with some very random very lucky chance, here it is! This building is a four story building built in 1907 on Olive Street between 6th Street and 7th Street in Downtown LA's Jewelry District. Like many buildings of its time, this building is built out of raw wood and raw brick, and luckily for us that's a style that's really desirable in Downtown Los Angeles right now. I don't know exactly how big each floor is, but it is around 6000 square feet. The third floor is occupied by the owner's company, a jewelry business. But at this moment, the second and fourth floor are completely empty! So the retail space on this building has had a sign that says "Office Space for Lease" on it forever, and it isn't obvious that the retail space is available because it's not an all glass store front. But there's a "Retail Space for Lease" sign on it now, by the likes of yours truly. Apparently the retail space was a restaurant space a long time ago, and when they vacated the completely gutted the space down to it's bare bones, as you can see from the photos. So, yes, you'll have to use your imagination with this space! I believe it would be great for a restaurant space for lease because one of such seems like a good addtion to the mix of the current tenants which are a cafe and a liquor store. Additionally, there is an Italian Restaurant space behind the building that is also part of this property, which is another unique thing about the building. The existing restaurant is basically hidden and to access it you need to walk past through the lobby to this discrete hallway! As for the creative office space available upstairs, what makes it unique is the classy historic feel. I could see a progressive law firm occupying the space. Again, raw brick walls, exposed flat ceilings, and the units currently have old drabby carpeting that can be removed to expose the original raw wood floor, which can be sanded and refinished for the tenants. The building does indeed have a passenger elevator and the stairwell to the upper floors has a beautiful glass enclosure that reveals the wooden stair case and raw brick wall from the interior. There's space available ranging from 300sf to about 6000sf. It's currently being listed at $2 per square foot with move in specials! For more info and touring information see the link-tabs above or just call the phone number on the headline of this page! This has been another blog report on Downtown LA commercial real estate, by broker Donegan McCuaig. Thanks for reading!

  • Commercial Lease Apr 25 , 2014

    Commercial Real Estate for Sale in Downtown Los Angeles

    Awesome Fashion District building was for sale and was quickly bought! Beautiful raw spaces with cement floors, exposed ceilings, warehouse windows, freight elevator, passenger elevator. Opportunities for properties for sale in Downtown Los Angeles like this don't come by every day, especially with this style. If you're looking for help selling your commercial building in Downtown LA give us a call! And of course, if you're looking to buy commercial real estate here we can help you with that too.

  • Commercial Lease Apr 6 , 2014

    Leasing Office Space in Downtown LA's Little Tokyo

    Are you looking for office space for lease in Little Tokyo? Well, since Little Tokyo is a comparatively small district, there's not so many buildings to choose from. There is one creative office building but the rest are all class-b style office space. That's fine, if you like the traditional sort of office. Of course, you don't have to be a Japanese company to rent office space in Jtown. Though there are many companies related to Japan or Japanese-American commerce in one way or another other non-related companies proudly occupy space there. If you want a list of what's currently available in Little Tokyo Downtown Los Angeles, give us a call at (213) 304-4727 now! A commercial real estate broker is standing by to help you!

  • Commercial Lease Apr 3 , 2014

    South Park District Retail Space & Restaurant Spaces for Lease

    The South Park District is an exciting area to be involved in, in Downtown Los Angeles, because like other areas it is an area bubbling with change and growth. I recently have been attending the South Park BID (business improvement district) meetings to get more involved in the community, activities, and improvements occurring in the neighborhood. South Park is an interesting beast because it has such contrasting street types. For instance, on Grand Avenue with Evo, Luma, and condo buildings are there and other active streets such as Figueroa, Flower Street, and Hope Street the retail has lots of residential foot traffic and members of the greater Downtown LA community visiting amenities there. The retail is already there and existing. The thing is that there are more streets than just these popular ones, and like everywhere else in Downtown right now, there's a good amount of retail space available for lease in non-A+ locations. The challenge for tenants that the owners of these currently sub-par locations want high rates because they have been able to command those rates via their commercial and industrial tenants that have been historically prevalent. But tenants who are more retail oriented do not want to be the first to jump in the proverbial cold water. Many potential tenants will say, regarding commercial property for rent in South Park's Downtown Los Angeles, that in three years or so, they'd love to rent space there. The problem is finding those first pioneers on these otherwise non-retail ground floor commercial buildings. Also, a lot of the upstairs office space for lease is under-utilized as well. However, there is hope. With the efforts of commercial real estate brokers like me, the state and local governments, and the South Park District BID; we are sure to see the slow rise of the new age of retail and commercial space in Downtown Los Angeles' South Park which will eventually increase in a snowball like effect. If you want help finding commercial space in DTLA's South Park, give us a call! (213) 304-4727

  • Commercial Lease Mar 29 , 2014

    Medical Office Space for Lease in Downtown Los Angeles

    Are you looking for medical office space for rent in Downtown LA? We are happy to assist you with finding a doctor's office for lease, psychiatric office, chiropractic, and any business related to the medical field that would be appropriately related to any hospital activity. Also, dentist's office or dental offices is something we could potentially help you with as well. Visit our contact page above or just call (213) 304-4727 now. If we do not answer leave a message with your monthly rental budget, what kind of medical business you have, if you have a particular medical office building you'd like more information on, and when you are looking to move.

  • Commercial Lease Mar 16 , 2014

    Top Commercial Real Estate Companies in Downtown Los Angeles

    There are, of course, many commercial real estate companies in Los Angeles. Here are some of the most prevalent ones here in Downtown LA that we tend to see around the most: CBRE (mostly for sales deals and lease activity in new Downtown), Lee & Associates (mostly Arts District), Avison Young (retail), Daum Commercial (Fashion District), Quantum (Fashion District), Major Properties (Fashion District), and those are the ones off the top of my head. I didn't mention any of the ones that specialize in tenant representation, mostly for class-a office, because we don't come across them too often, and most of our clients seem to have a lot of interest in class-a office space anyway. When it comes to creative office space for lease in Downtown, we are number one! The commercial real estate brokerages we mentioned are also excellent as well in what they do.

  • Commercial Lease Mar 13 , 2014


    And here's another retail space on Main Street! The building is currently fully occupied but owners are looking to replace the tenants with more hip establishments that will bring up the community and spread the flow of positive hipster energy onto Main Street. As a commercial real estate broker in Downtown LA for years it's fascinating to see the growth and change, and that's so normal to say that it's starting to sound cliche. Nevertheless, the building is located on Main Street near 7th Street and is part of the Corporation Building (creative office space) at 724 S Spring St. The building will be getting a facade renovation including removing the metal roll-up doors and installing nice canopies along with new windowed frontage. Spaces are about 700sf, 900sf, and 1200sf and current occupants can leave within 30 days. These spaces are small but can be combined to make on big space as well! It would be great to get a cafe with some decent seating and not $4 coffee, which is so desperately needed in the area.

  • Commercial Lease Mar 13 , 2014


    I don't know what it is about Main Street... it's the sister street to Broadway but it doesn't get nearly as much "bullish hype" than Broadway does. Which is great for our commercial real estate brokerage because we seem to be killing it on Main Street. There's plenty of retail available on Main Street and it differs from Broadway in one big way- it's closer to Skid Row. My response to that is, who cares? Main Street has huge potential and actually doesn't look as worn down as Broadway. In any case, there's a lot of small retail space for rent on Main in the Fashion District. It's a challenge how e-commerce is affecting the Garment District Showrooms because the result is more vacant space. On the flip-side South Park and the Historic Core are burgeoning and retailers are reluctant to tread far from Spring Street. But alas, eventually there will be more and more of those pioneer retailers like Wendell's, the bar that just moved in on Main Street between 6th and 7th, that will pave the way for the covered wagons to follow. Certain entrepreneurs are taking advantage of low rent rates and are confident in their branding and marketing to make people come to them, and DTLA is lucky for that. Anyway this retail space here is available! It's about $1750 monthly rent rate and 950 square feet. Nice flooring, central a/c, and private bathroom. Call (213) 304-4727 for this and more retail space for lease in Downtown Los Angeles! All DTLA Condos For Sale DTLA Live/Work Lofts for Sale

  • Commercial Lease Mar 12 , 2014

    Creative Office Space in Chinatown, Downtown Los Angeles

    I can't believe I haven't already written a post about this awesome building in Chinatown on North Spring Street. The building doesn't look like it, but it was built in 1890!! Already rented three spaces here and there's only one left! The remaining space is about 3000 square feet and the owner is only asking $1.20psf ($3600 monthly)! Warehouse style space with cement floors, fresh paint, high exposed ceilings, and tons and tons of natural light! This space has windows on two sides of it and has two entrances/exists, one that takes you to Alameda and one that takes you to Spring Street. Actually, we already did a video of this building which you can check out on our home page to see some before and after media. If you're not familiar with Downtown LA's Chinatown and commercial real estate there, renting space at this building is a great way to become acquainted with them. I always say Chinatown is DTLA's last frontier since I think it's the least gentrified area. It's a lot different than Little Tokyo which is really gentrified and diversified, where when you go to Chinatown, it's like stepping into twenty years back in time. Chinatown seems to be more Chinese than Little Tokyo is Japanese, insofar the diversity of shops and Americanized stores and retailers. That's definitely not a bad thing! And another good thing is, that space here is relatively inexpensive compared to competing areas... and there's nothing to generate a more creative vibe for yourself than somewhere completely random! The art scene in Chinatown is still kindled though it has slowed- but you can go check out Chung King Road and there are some galleries there. With the new huge apartment developments coming into Chinatown (along with a brand new Starbucks) change is in the future for Chinatown, and in any case, it will still be an awesome place to own a business and a great place to lease creative office space in Downtown Los Angeles! For availability and touring information along with retail space for lease in Chinatown, contact our commercial real estate broker by clicking the tab above!

  • Commercial Lease Feb 3 , 2014

    Last of the Commercial Property for Rent as Creative Office Space in Downtown LA's 724 Spring St Building

    This baby is available and it's the last one of this floor plan with polished cement flooring!! Commercial real estate in Downtown LA is burgeoning because this building is filling up up up! What can you do when you're a broker and you get hired to fill up a building, and when it's almost full the owner fires you because he suddenly decides he's paying you too much money??? You cry. Just kidding... I'm use to it.. should be use to that by now! Anyway, this is still an awesome building and there's still some space left since the total renovation! This building also has a little roof patio that could be turned in And last but not least, oddly enough, the second floor has the highest ceilings in the building! Yes yes! Thanks for reading my commercial real estate blog! Call (213) 304-4727 now! Lic#01753250 Last of the Commercial Property for Rent as Creative Office Space. Last of the Commercial Property for Rent as Creative Office Space. All DTLA Condos For Sale DTLA Live/Work Lofts for Sale

  • Commercial Lease Jan 20 , 2014

    Is it a good time to get into a long term lease?

    Why here? Why now? Those are good questions. The answer is, the deal is good now and it will get worse the longer you wait. Everyone is bullish about Downtown LA's economy, aren't you as well? What does that mean for rent rates and property values? Exactly. I don't need to answer that because you know. As a broker of commercial real estate in Downtown LA I've had a lot of experience. I started when the market was probably at it's worse in 2009, an opportune time to be buying up REO's, foreclosures, and short-sales. Alas, we all wish we would have acted then because we all have seen the prices sky-rocket since then, but at the very least we can act now. Do you have a retail business? Perhaps you need an office space that is not only functional, but says something about you as a business. If you found a good space for either of those, do you think it would be good to wait longer? Perhaps see if the market gets better? Perhaps, you want a short term lease so your rent can be raised to unknown heights at its expiration, exactly not! Give DTLA Real Estate a call. Let's talk. What are your goals for the future and how can we execute a real estate strategy to get you to achieve your desired business results. That's something I love to talk about. Do you think I'm too optimistic? I'm waiting your thoughts now at (213) 304-4727 All DTLA Condos For Sale DTLA Live/Work Lofts for Sale

  • Commercial Lease Jan 8 , 2014

    Another Reason You Should Use a Commercial Broker in Downtown Los Angeles

    Another reason people think that they will save money not using a commercial real estate broker in Downtown Los Angeles is because they think that they will somehow be more likely to get a better deal: they think that the commission a broker would make will go in their pockets. This is usually not true. Most commercial properties are represented by a broker anyway, let alone that some buildings you have to use a broker to get access. So whatever the total commission is, say 4%, if you go directly through the listing broker, that listing broker is going to get 4% typically. If you bring a broker to represent you, your broker would make 2% and the listing broker would make 2%. In other words, numbers-wise, most of the time it doesn't make a difference if you bring an agent/broker by with you if the property's listed by another broker. The only way it would be possible for you to get all or part of that 4% is to deal directly with the owner or property management company. If you feel confident that you can do better on your own than using an expert, and you just want to throw away the benefits that I mentioned about the seven benefits of using a commercial real estate agent in Downtown LA (in two posts before this one), than go right ahead. Perhaps you like taking risks? Use us, we want to help you! You know the number (213) 304-4727 thanks for reading our commercial real estate blog! And of course, if you want to see commercial real estate listings just view the link above. Cheers

  • Commercial Lease Jan 2 , 2014

    Cheap Office Space in Downtown Los Angeles

    We are your #1 resource for cheap office space in DTLA! Why? Well because most commercial real estate brokerages do not cater to the types of clients wanting small office spaces. Why? Because they only want clients that want large office spaces that sign long leases because it pays them more! That's one of the reasons that makes us special. Many of our clients are start-up companies. Also, I have heard from people who I have toured many times, small business owners, that say, "I've been working out of my home for so long but my operation has grown so much that it's taking over my living space, and I need to separate them!" That's a good thing! Many small office spaces in Downtown LA are not listed on the market because brokers don't want to spend the time servicing them. They take the same amount of work as large office spaces for only a fraction of the money. That's okay with us here at DTLA Real Estate because we count on your business growing and having you come back to us when you're looking to expand your work space and move up to bigger and better things! Give us a call if you're looking to rent commercial real estate in Downtown! (213) 304-4727 www.dtlarealestate.com Lic#01753250

  • Commercial Lease Dec 31 , 2013

    Why You Should Have a Commercial Real Estate Broker, as a Renter or Buyer

    You've often heard "don't pay broker fees" as a gimmick that companies advertise to make you think you'll get a better deal by working with them directly. Well, there's a reason why they don't want you to use a broker, and often times it is to take advantage of you. You should have an experienced broker for office space, retail space, and any sort of commercial real estate transaction. It's especially important if you are looking to buy or sell real estate. Here's why 1. An experienced broker will know more about the market than you do Some people think they can gauge the real estate market just by going out and looking at four or five similar types of vacant spaces and get a good idea what the particular market is doing. That's only partly true, because there's a bigger picture. Appraisers are taught to estimate the value of a property by comparing similar properties. For buying, they compare recent sales, and for leasing they compare the terms and rates of what's currently vacant and for lease. In both of these cases, the information being used is not holistic and inclusive of all the possible information out there. For instance, what the trends of the moment are, and what very recent activities have taken place. If you were vacillating about whether to rent creative industrial work space at the moment or within six months less than a year ago; were aware that three major sewing manufacturing properties in Downtown were going to be converted into residential; that all their sewing tenants would be kicked out; and that those tenants would absorb most if not all the vacant industrial space for rent, you would have been wise to lock in a longer lease at a lower rate that time, than waiting another six months. If you weren't aware that these buildings were being converted, you would have used the current vacancy information to appraise the value of industrial space for lease without knowing that a lot less industrial space would be available in six months and that the rates would be going up or at least staying the same. In fact, you might have even have been pessimistic about the future rates of industrial space and signed only a one year lease. So as you can see, this is only one example of how using a comparative market analysis based on the current and past inventory, could cause you to make a poor real estate investment decision; one that an experienced broker would be far less likely to make. Basically, knowing the value of something includes knowing the most. Since an experienced broker will be aware of more factors and more current information and trends (because such information is only gathered over a long period of time), it is best to be using that broker for your real estate needs. 2. Brokers have needed experience in complex transaction situations Self explanatory. Brokers know the process of leasing and buying, what is normal, what you should look out for, how to prevent bad things from happening, and so on. 3. Brokers will likely find you space you cannot find on your own It would seem that with technology the way it is today that so much information is available online at the finger tips of buyers and sellers that a broker would be unnecessary. Not true, here's why: most of the time, brokers know of or are capable of knowing a lot more real estate opportunities than what is online. More than that, what they know that isn't online, is often times a better deal. They have expensive memberships to data-bases that you don't have at your disposal. Also, many times, really good spaces in really good locations (which is especially true for retail space) never go online at all. Brokers have relationships with a network of owners and often times these owners tell brokers about it. In fact, an owner might give a broker the listing and that broker might not even want to put it online. This is called a pocket listing. A broker first exhausts his personal network of clients (buyers and renters) before he lists it online. Why? Because brokers can make more money that way: in fact, he or she would typically make twice as much money by not putting it online, because he or she won't have to share the commission with the tenant or buyer's broker. That should be a powerful reason for you to invest yourself in the services of a broker. In other words, often times, what is put online is the stuff left over that brokers weren't able to lease or sell on their own. Why weren't they able to lease or sell them? In other words, what is wrong with the space now that it's put online? That's a powerfully good question. You can see now that the prime commercial real estate spaces typically aren't put online, and when they go online and they're a good deal the get bought or rented quickly. And you might not be aware that the space is a good deal and vacillate on it for a while, and it gets rented or bought out from under you. That is a bad experience you wouldn't want to have, and you can prevent it by working with brokers. 4. Brokers can be an important figure in your networking strategy for your business If your business benefits from networking with other business owners, the person that finds business owners a space to operate their business is a good person for you to know. He or she can give you referrals for your business, or possibly refer you to a trusted associates that can benefit you. 5. Brokers can prevent you from making mistakes See 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7. 6. Typically, brokers can negotiate more creatively Possible concessions are not always obvious, in the mind of the lessee/buyer or the lessor/seller. A broker is there to facilitate the transaction between these groups in a way that will satisfy both parties. Each party to a transaction is invested in a deal in a different way, and therefore they do not always see potential mutual benefits. Who would be a better person to help you find common ground, than a person who does it every day for a living? 7. Brokers are invested in your happiness and success As a renter, brokers want your business to succeed because it makes them look bad to the owner if you fail. When you are not able to pay your rent or fulfill your lease obligations the owner or manager of the building associates that negatively with the broker who brought you to the building. What does that mean? If you fail it harms the relationship between the broker and the owner. So, literally, the broker's business is hurt if you do not succeed. As a renter or a buyer, commercial real estate brokers want your business to succeed as well; not only that, they want you to have, at the very minimum, a reasonable deal. They know that you will tell everyone you know about your experience and what kind of deal you got. In other words, if they give you a bad deal they know you are going to talk badly about them to everyone you know. A professional real estate consultant is there to make a reputation for himself, long term. He or she has a lot to lose by your business failing or you not being happy with your deal. CONCLUSION: You should have a commercial real estate broker. It is like having an insurance policy. It's not required but it's smart. As always, if you need help renting office space or retail space in Downtown Los Angeles give us a call (213) 304-4727!

  • Commercial Lease Dec 2 , 2013

    Straight from the Broker, New Listing: Commercial Real Estate at THE ALLIED CRAFTS BUILDING

    Can't believe how long it's been since a space has come available at the Allied Crafts Building! I posted this online a week ago and I've gotten like ten inquiries about it. Had four showings today! Photos speak for themselves. Really cool building. Awesome lobby with a mural by artist, Miripolski. Crazy colored accent walls. Lots of space for a cheap rate ANNNNNND all utilities and fees are included. Move-in is 3x amount of rent, so for this bad boy $3000 is the move in. Yes, for those of you math geniuses, the monthly rent rate is $1000! It's about 806 gross square feet. Cement floors and exposed ceilings. It's a corner space and what's unique about it is the amount of visibility it gets from drive-by traffic. There's parking lots nearby where you can park for a monthly fee (it's pretty cheap). Walk-score isn't amazing but you didn't want to have your cake and eat it too anyway. Check out the photos below. Our contact info is on the tab above, call before someone else rents it!

  • Commercial Lease Nov 7 , 2013

    The Difference Between Warehouse & Creative Office Space in Downtown LA

    Being a commercial real estate broker in Downtown Los Angeles over the years has given me a perspective of creative office space versus warehouse space. I started in Downtown LA in the Fashion District renting warehouse space to artists. I'm not going to embark on a philosophical discussion regarding semantics but the terms "warehouse space" and "creative office space" are thrown around so loosely, but they often intersect. Generally speaking here's what both types of space share: - both "creative" types of space - both sought by artists and creative companies - both have exposed ceilings (not dropped ceilings) - both often have cement or wood flooring - both desired with natural light - both types enable artists to create art within them - both older/historic buildings, typically - both designed and built for a different set of renters than we have now Generally speaking here's what separates creative office from warehouse space, from my experience: - more expensive price per square foot - more polished - nicer bathrooms - cleaner - newer looking - located in a part of DTLA with a high walk-score - more customer service oriented management - building tenants are all office or non-manufacturing use - include modern amenities (central HVAC, conference room, bar, cafe, roof lounge, et cetera) - more expensive parking, generally less convenient parking - more likely to have 24 hour access - more "professional" - worse loading and unloading - less likely to have freight elevator, let alone one that works - freight elevators smaller - more likely to have lower ceilings Generally speaking, here's what separates warehouse space from creative office space: - less expensive price per square foot - better loading and unloading - grittier, a lot grittier - less maintained - dirtier and dustier - dirtier often gross bathrooms - more likely to have freight elevators - freight elevators bigger - located in a part of DTLA with low walk-score - generally better and cheaper parking - building manager less customer service oriented - do not have modern amenities like A/C, etc - less likely to have 24 hour access - building tenants are mixed with manufacturing companies and office use - less "professional" - more likely to have higher ceilings And that pretty much sums it up! If you're looking for commercial real estate for sale or lease in Downtown Los Angeles give us a call! (213) 304-4727 Lic#01753250

  • Commercial Lease Oct 17 , 2013

    Things to Think about when Leasing Creative Office Space in Downtown Los Angeles

    There's a lot of buildings out there that people call "creative office" buildings. But they are so in name only... actually sometimes, for these buildings, "creative office" is simply a euphemism. That should not be so! A lot of times it's a shoddy random building that is only creative insofar as it wasn't built to be office spaces originally. And sometimes that counts, but not always. Worse case scenario, it's an old traditional office style building with dropped ceilings and commercial carpeting than hasn't seen an upgrade in years. In that case it's class-c office space, and "c" does not mean creative! It means grade-C. And C's don't get degrees when it comes to creative space. So what is the authentic real deal? Well that's different for each person, but here are some things to think about before making your decision. (1) Who are the other tenants in the building? Are they good for your creativity and productivity? I've been renting warehouse space for a long time now. Sometimes, artists I've leased space to don't even want to be near other artists. Which sounds strange but I kid you not. The more random the space the better for some people. Do other creative people inspire you, or do they distract and disengage you from your individuality and productivity? (2) What is authentic and unique about the building and not manufactured and made for the masses? What is the integrity of the building's design like? It's kind of impossible to avoid this entirely, but does the building or space have any unique fixtures? This can affect how your clients view you when they come to your space. (3) Does the layout of the building and space fit your purposes? (4) What is the walk score of the building and how do the nearby walkable amenities affect you? Do you need to be walking near cafes and bars? Perhaps you do, and perhaps you need the social aspect, not just coffee and alcohol. Or are you fine with renting a space near the 10fwy in the Fashion District? It can be nice to get out of your building and work somewhere else to walk and get some exercise and to change things up for a bit to make you feel better. (5) How dynamic is the building? What changes and invigorates? Does the building have the same thing day in and day out? Does the monotony of the building make you want to end your life? Just kidding. How does the building keep your life new and interesting? (6) How does the building affect your networking goals? Are there any common areas? How does the building cause you to engage with other tenants? So that's all I got for now. Give us a call if you're interested in properties and buildings in Downtown Los Angeles. We can help you make a good investment for your business for what suits your energy and style... that is, if it currently exists in the market at the time and they work with brokers! As always you can call (213) 304-4727 to get additional information about commercial real estate in Downtown that's for rent/lease or for buying/selling. May the chi flow in harmony with you. (that's a fung shue reference... nevermind)

  • Commercial Lease Sep 24 , 2013

    Affordable Executive Suites for Rent/Lease at Olive Center

    The facade on this building is finally done! I need to get photos, and I will. Wanted to do another posting about this building because of all the great space that it has available at such a low price per square foot. Executive suite style office spaces varying in sizes available here at 643 South Olive Street in the Jewelry District on the border of the Historic Core and Bunker Hill. I have one as small as 158sf up to 2195sf. The space shown in the photos are of unit 747 and it's 968sf. This space has it's own sink and it is two large rooms with tons of natural light. The units are now listed at $1.65 per square foot, but I'm certain we could work out something better than that! The CAM fees and utilities are not included but don't let that scare you. The management is also willing to do tenant improvements to customize the space to fit your specific needs. This space however, is pretty much ready to go! The building has 24 hour access along with central heat/ac. The common areas have recently received an upgrade with the entrance to the elevators at every floor renovated along with the bathrooms on every floor as well. For more info on what's available in this building call me, Donegan McCuaig, at (213) 304-4727 or submit your info to the form on our web-site to www.dtlarealestate.com Thanks for reading my Downtown LA commercial real estate blog! Lic#01753250

  • Commercial Lease Sep 22 , 2013

    Vacant Retail Space Available Next to King Eddy Saloon

    It's not everyday that a vacant space opens up next to a space that is a Downtown LA icon. Well in this case, today is the day. Right next to King Eddy Saloon, a 1000sf retail space has become available and is in the process of renovation. This space use to be a discount store of various nick nacks similar to the ones that are known to exist in the Toy District, which this space borders, close to the edge of the Historic Core. The previous store had a mezzanine which has been taken down to reveal soaring ceilings... I'd estimate they are 14 feet high! Not only that but this space still has the original mosaic tile flooring from what appears to be when the building was originally constructed. The mosaic tile flooring is just one feature that makes this space feel like you've walked into back in time. The second feature that creates this feeling is this strange stair case that opens up to a... well I suppose it's like the world's tiniest stage.... or shelf I should say. The railing for it is what makes it look so old. You can tell that it is an antique stair case. So enough of that! How much is the monthly rent rate?! Only $1800 monthly! It's a rare opportunity to come up on a space like this, with ceilings this high, flooring this cool, and next to a Downtown Los Angeles icon. This is why, as a broker, I love working in commercial real estate in Downtown LA. There's so many unique opportunities that reveal a glimpse into history. For more retail and ground floor space for rent/lease, visit our brokerage firm's web-site, on the links above. And of course you can get landlord representation or tenant representation with our company by calling (213) 304-4727 now! Lic#01753250

  • Commercial Lease Sep 19 , 2013

    New Retail for Lease on 5th St. between Main St. and LA St.

    Brand new renovation at the Leland Building! Three retail units and two have been rented all except the middle one! Ground floor retail for rent in an up-and-coming location of Downtown Los Angeles. Would be excellent for a store of any kind. The building is right next to a tattoo shop and across the street from the King Eddy Saloon, the oldest bar in DTLA, and quite the hipster establishment. That should give you a flavor of what this block is doing. Though the property is technically in Skid Row on the border of the Historic Core in Downtown LA, there's reason to be bullish about this location. If you look at the equivalent block on 6th between Main Street and LA Street, just one block away, you'll find a Downtown LA hot-spot. The Santa Fe Lofts and the Pacific Electric lofts take up that block with the bars The Association, The Varnish, Las Perlas, and The Black Sheep. Of course, Cole's Restaurant is there too. If this block can make it pop, so can 5th. And that is the plan. This retail space would be awesome for a bar. Would be great as a bar or restaurant for rent. For touring info for this space or more commercial real estate for rent/lease in good ol' Downtown Los Angeles give us a call here at DTLA Real Estate (213) 304-4727 www.dtlarealestate.com Lic#01753250

  • Commercial Lease Sep 1 , 2013

    Office Space Downtown Los Angeles: The Only Way to Go

    Office Space Downtown Los Angeles: The Only Way to Go If you're looking for creative office space in Downtown LA, you've certainly come to the right place. Please call us at (213) 304-4727 to get the latest updates we have on available spaces in Downtown LA properties and office buildings. Of course, we also have retail space we can help you with as well!! Commercial Real Estate Retail & Office Broker/Brokerage www.dtlarealestate.com Office Space Downtown Los Angeles: The Only Way to Go Office Space Downtown Los Angeles: The Only Way to Go

  • Commercial Lease Aug 31 , 2013

    Downtown Los Angeles: Potential Bar, Restaurant, Cafe, Store for Rent/Lease

    Expect to get updates about this building! Awesome location on the southern corner of the intersection at Spring Street and 2nd Street. Basically, this building borders Little Tokyo, Historic Core, Civic Center, and Bunker Hill in Downtown LA. This building certainly has an interesting history. It was actually built in 1896 and was originally four stories. As you can see, it's only one story now. At the time when the government was requiring buildings to be seismically reinforced, some owners opted just to get rid of their upper floors and just keep the ground level. I know, crazy, huh? This building looks like only one building but it's actually two buildings made to look like one. And the spaces this building has, particularly the one currently being used as an antique shop, are quite impressive. The space features soaring ceilings that can be brought down to the original wood and brick. The antique shop has two immense sky-lights that flood the space with natural light. Other tenants in the building are Southland Credit Union (which is basically a bank), a publishing company, and a cafe. As it lays out now, there is a small retail space on the 2nd street side, but behind that space is a large area being leased by the bank that they do not use. So the plan would be to lease the retail space and open it up to the back of the space currently being used by the bank, and sub-divide it into one big space approximately 3450 square feet. Sounds a bit complicated, doesn't it? So aside from the antique shop, which is on the Spring Street side of the building, and the retail space I mentioned being partly used by the bank, there is indeed another vacant space. This space features the traditional office style and also has really high ceilings. There is commercial carpeting as well. I believe it was actually a real estate office previously. So, ironically, the spaces with the most "improvements" (one that looks like a bank and one that looks like an office space) will probably be the most difficult to rent. But this is one thing I love about commercial real estate in Downtown Los Angeles. Makes my job interesting and gives me the opportunity to be creative and think outside the box. I can help a business be successful at a new location and I can help make the owner's investment property produce a greater return. In the end, everyone benefits. For more commercial real estate in Downtown LA and to rent creative office space, ground floor retail, or warehouse space call me, Donegan McCuaig, at (213) 304-4727!

  • Commercial Lease Aug 17 , 2013

    Potential Restaurant, Bar, Cafe, or Store for Rent: Prime Retail Space for Lease in Downtown LA

    Check out this ground floor retail space in the Corporation Building! This entire building was sewing related but the building was recently sold and the new developer kicked all the sewing tenants out to make way for creative companies and retailing serving Downtown LA's growing residential population. So behold, a bare blank retail space with tons of creative office space upstairs in this 13 story edifice! Located on the border of the Fashion/Garment District and the Historic Core, this ground floor retail space would be a great location for a restaurant, bar, cafe, or store in Downtown Los Angeles. Located on Spring Street (arguably the best street in Downtown LA, at the very least the best in the Historic Core), this building is between 7th Street and 8th Street. Rumor has it that a fancy French restaurant is going in next door and across the street there will probably be a Walgreens/CVS/Rite Aid type of store. This space is around 5000sf and the owner is asking $3 per square foot. Space features soaring ceilings and excellent wide open, flowing space. For more commercial real estate for lease/rent or to see this space call Donegan McCuaig at (213) 304-4727 with DTLA Real Estate www.dtlarealestate.com Lic#01753250

  • Commercial Lease Aug 13 , 2013

    A Creative Commercial Real Estate Brokerage, Firm, Broker, & Agent in Downtown Los Angeles

    DTLA Real Estate offers commercial real estate services to lessors, lessees, buyers, and sellers. We are a unique real estate firm in Downtown LA because we specialize in servicing creative clientele. We know that no client is the same, but everyone would prefer an inspirational work space. We try to see your goal and make that our goal. Of course, your goals need to be realistic, and we help you with that too by virtue of informing you about the current market. We are happy to give free information out to anyone who calls us. We strive to find a win-win in every agreement we make. Building and keeping long term business relationships is extremely important to us, so you can be confident what we say to you is not anything to make a quick buck. We know that you will eventually need commercial real estate services again, and we want you to think of us when you do. If you're looking for a commercial real estate broker/agent in Downtown Los Angeles, you have come to the right place. We service all of Downtown including the Historic Core/Old Bank District/Jewelry District, Fashion District, Toy District, Bunker Hill, Civic Center, Arts District, and South Park. If you would like help making an intelligent decision when it comes to renting/leasing or buying/selling a space you can come to us. Thanks for reading our blog. Call us at (213) 304-4727 now! Lic#01753250

  • Commercial Lease Aug 9 , 2013

    New Creative Office Building to Emerge with Stunning Glory on Broadway

    Broadway Arts Tower Creative Office Building before Renovation The same person who brought you Spring Arts Tower will be bringing you this Broadway building... which will likely be called Broadway Arts Tower. After months and months and MONTHS and months of work this building is slowly coming along. It will be getting a complete face-lift, so it will be dramatically improved from what you see here. Also, the inside has been demoed and is in the process of an incredible and ambitious renovation. It's impossible to describe in words how bad the inside of this building was before it was purchased. It looked as if God himself had forgotten about it and hell had reigned for what seems to have been a good portion of an eternity. Luckily, there has been and is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that light my friends, is amazing. This building has a 40 foot back lobby entrance that will be breath taking to people who first see it. It will feature a beautiful custom chandelier along with custom wood work. The entire inside of this space has been brought down to the raw wood and every original feature has been painstakingly undertook to keep its original integrity. There is raw wood in this building, more raw wood, more raw wood, and MORE RAW WOOD. Spaces are accented by raw brick and will feature lots of glass enclosures to keep the open feel. This space will be something never seen before and stay tuned for updates. New photos will be here in the future once the renovation is completed. Broadway is indeed coming back, and Downtown Los Angeles will be all the better for it. Thanks for following our commercial real estate blog.

  • Commercial Lease Aug 9 , 2013

    Newly Available at Spring Arts Tower Creative Office Space Building/Property in Downtown Los Angeles

    Newly Available at Spring Arts Tower Creative Office Space Building There are so many cool things about the Spring Arts Tower. I hesitate to say "cool" because that nomenclature just don't capture what I really mean. It only gets close to it. You have The Last Book Store on the ground floor which is an awe inspiring used book mecca along with an artist collective on the second floor mezzanine. You can take a break from working upstairs and walk around inside and experience a mysterious epistemic energy from all the knowledge floating around. There's places to sit and relax and take in the atmosphere. Secondly, the bar/lounge, The Crocker Club, is located in the basement of the building. The Spring Arts Tower use to be home to the Crocker Bank so what these savvy designers did was keep the vault and created a stylistic night club out of it. You have to see it to know what I'm talking about. Third, the building has Cafe 9 on the 9th floor. This little cafe serves delicious and healthy food and beverages for a very affordable price. They serve breakfast and lunch, and they also deliver. Additionally, they have new items on the menu weekly, so you'll never get tired of what they serve! The creative office space is better than all of the above. Affordable space with exposed ceilings, polished cement flooring, 24 hour access, 24 hour security guard, and outstanding location on gallery row! The building, with all these features, seen above, make this property incomparable. Other buildings with creative office space in Downtown Los Angeles certainly have their work cut out for them. Check out these photos of this space on the 4th floor. It has two private offices and glass dividers. Rent it now before someone else does! 1616 gross square feet! Small office space units are available too! Thanks for reading our commercial real estate blog! (213) 304-4727 www.dtlarealestate.com Lic#01753250 Newly Available at Spring Arts Tower Creative Office Space Building Newly Available at Spring Arts Tower Creative Office Space Building

  • Commercial Lease Jul 29 , 2013

    1320 S. Main St. - Newly Sub-divided & Upgraded

    I did a post about 1320 South Main Street before. The building had burned down and was owned by the bank before the current owner purchased it. What happened was, when the insurance company rebuilt the space, they just made the second and third floor huge 6300SF spaces. There were no flooring, and no walls subdividing the space. The third floor came first. Due to the current market conditions renting a 6300SF space at a premium is hard to do. It's much easier to rent smaller spaces. In fact, the smaller they are the more quickly they get rented, in Downtown LA least. So the third floor is this epic space with bowed wood truss ceiling and raw brick walls. It made peoples' mouths drop when they came in. It's amazing how I still get calls for this space, but I finally took the photos down off our web-site even though the spaces were no longer listed on Craig's List. So anyway. The third floor subdivided in a flash and rented quickly. Onto the second floor. The second floor was one huge weird blue commercial carpeted class-b office space. It's hard to imagine someone needing that much open space. Alas, the sub-division was made into two 3150 gross square foot spaces. Low and behold, the flooring was also changed into a beautiful faux wood aesthetic work. Kitchenettes were added in each one. Video surveillance in the common areas was installed. Central air conditioning and heating was installed. Private bathrooms in each unit were created. The space now looks more like a creative office space than it does anything else, and that's a good thing. The ceilings are around 10 feet high, and they don't have the dropped ceilings that you typically see with class-b office space in Downtown Los Angeles. You're not going to find cleaner space with all these practical features at a better price per square foot than this in Downtown's Fashion/Garment District. You can see from the photos for yourself that this is an awesome space. I think I have the front half rented already to an artist. For more information regarding this space call (213) 304-4727 or visit the links above here at www.dtlarealestate.com For more commercial real estate in Downtown Los Angeles, from our glorious tiny little company/brokerage, DTLA Real Estate.

  • Commercial Lease Jul 11 , 2013

    The Medallion Building - Hidden Ground Floor Retail & Creative Office Space in Downtown LA

    Normally when you hear "Medallion" you think about the apartment building on 4th and Main Street. As many know, there's ground floor retail space on 4th Street, Main Street, and Los Angeles Street; but behind all that are about 200 small commercial spaces! The building was completed circa 2009 and has since then had its residential units fill up quickly. If you're looking to rent/lease ground floor retail in Downtown Los Angeles, it doesn't get any cheaper than this. Some of the units are as low as $700 monthly, for the upstairs units. The building takes up nearly a city block and is located on the border of the Historic Core and Toy District in Downtown. Aside from ground floor, there's several floors available upstairs (or via elevator). This building also has it's own dedicated parking structure so that's a plus compared to a lot of other creative space buildings in Downtown, which are mostly very old and not built in a time where it was common to have dedicated parking space underground or on the roof. The spaces also have central air conditioning, which is awesome! Apparently, commercial tenants get access to the roof-top pool as well, need that confirmed. The spaces run about $2.50psf, more or less. Typically, the bigger the space, the better the price per square foot you get. Come check out these spaces! Call Donegan McCuaig with DTLA Real Estate at (213) 304-4727 now! And visit wwww.dtlarealestate.com for help leasing/renting or buying/selling commercial & industrial real estate space in Downtown LA!

  • Commercial Lease Jul 10 , 2013

    Creative Office Space Rent Rates Will Rise in Downtown LA, Here's Why

    Creative Office Space Rent Rates Will Rise in Downtown LA One of the most important things to think about when renting or leasing a commercial space anywhere, not just in Downtown LA, is to have a prediction of what rent rates will do in the future. This prediction should be based on true information taken from a wide base/sample to ensure that the depiction it creates is generally representative of the market overall. This prediction should be used to forecast whether rent rates for the potential space for one's business will go down or up in the future. With this information, one is able to plan and minimize one's business' future over-head cost with the hope and intention to earn overall greater profits in the long run through rent savings. How can someone today do exactly this effectively? When it comes to Downtown LA commercial real estate rates, three things to keep in mind are the growing numbers in the residential population in Downtown, the conversion of industrial buildings with sewing tenants into residential lofts in Downtown, and the growing popularity of creative space. For the Downtown LA commercial rental market, one special piece of information is very influential, and that's what the residential movement is doing. The residential bubble burst in 2006/2007 and the economy was in steep decline. At this time the residential market was rich with bank owned foreclosures and short-sale listings. Commercial building owners were basically killing themselves from stress over their financial losses as they saw their equity plummet. But surprisingly, at the same time, overall demand for residential housing in Downtown Los Angeles was beginning to snowball. And it's still growing. The effect of this growth is that the real estate market overall is benefiting. Growing residential life means a growing business economy. Products and services offered to the residential population are experiencing the benefits. The growing business economy results in stimulating the commercial real estate market in Downtown. With more people living in Downtown comes more people working in Downtown. Also, recently, public perception of the general economy is improving, which is a nice change from the economic pessimism that has been so ubiquitous in the last few years. Downtown has become the "popular" and "new cool place" to be in Los Angeles. With growing popularity comes increased demand, with increased demand for a particular location, property rent rates in that locations go up. The second phenomena occurring that one should consider when predicting future commercial rent rates in Downtown relates to the first. With the increase in residential demand, commercial & industrial buildings are kicking out all their tenants to be converted into residential lofts. For instance, many owners of industrial buildings with sewing tenants have kicked all their sewing tenants out in order to renovate their buildings and convert them into residential lofts. All these kicked-out commercial tenants have been absorbing the previously large vacancy in raw commercial and industrial space. As a result, sewing space rent rates have reached a new high and it's harder than before to get sewing space and industrial space in Downtown in general. This scarcity is creating increased commercial rent rates. And since raw commercial and creative space that sewing tenants use makes some of the best creative office space, these sewing tenants have to compete with the influx of artists, photographers, designers, and other creative types to get into this space. This increased scarcity of creative space creates increased rent rates. A third reason creative office rent rates will rise is that traditional office space is becoming less and less popular with regard to aesthetic look as well as layout & orientation. Traditional office space is perceived as constrained by an antiquated style and a less collaborative platform from which to work. As a result, the perception of value of traditional office space is becoming diminished. The overall rigidity of what the traditional dropped ceilings and commercial carpeting represents to many people is exactly what they do not want: a stigma of constraint and inability to allow for the new and random that out-lies traditional expectation of the past. It's important to note that I may be biased because most of my clients are creative types and not lawyers or accountants. But I have rented creative office space to some lawyers and accountants. A growing trend is a more open, collaborative, and engaging layout. Many tenants are seeking not only a place to work but a social mechanism for improving their business through networking and sharing. The age of the cubicle isn't nor will be extinct, but there are becoming less members of that species as creative and historic buildings are made available to today's tenants. This rise of popularity of creative collaborative space and decline of traditional office space indeed indicates that rent rates of creative office space will continue to increase. So yes, the growth in residential population in Downtown, the fact that raw commercial and industrial buildings are being converted into residential space, and the diminishing popularity of traditional office style and orientation are very crucial elements of predicting what the future holds for creative office and commercial real estate in Downtown Los Angeles. All of this indicates that rent rates will increase, so get into a long term lease now while the moment is right. Creative Office Space Rent Rates Will Rise in Downtown LA Creative Office Space Rent Rates Will Rise in Downtown LA All DTLA Condos For Sale DTLA Live/Work Lofts for Sale

  • Commercial Lease Jun 23 , 2013

    Why Creative Office in Downtown LA?

    DTLA Real Estate does it all. But out of all of it, our favorite is probably creative office. Executive office is great, and we enjoy it as well, but creative office just seems more natural to us. Helping people find creative space in Downtown Los Angeles is our passion. We know that our clients want to be inspired, and are not motivated by all the same things that most class-a office seekers find important. One of the many things that are important for a lot of class-a office building seekers, is to have an impressive and high class vibe to be viewed by their clients as successful and reputable. Being able to afford a really expensive space can be a sign of authenticity, being the real deal, and everyone can appreciate that. Artists, care about presentation as well, but for different mix of reasons and motivations. Freedom, innovation, and character are probably the things that are most important to them. You don't see a lot of artists driving around in Lexus's. I say that not because a lot of artists out there comply with the "starving artist" stereotype of not having enough money to afford executive office rents in Downtown Los Angeles at around $3-$4 per square foot, but because artists want to feel and be unrestrained. To some, driving a Lexus is sign of success and reputability. That may be true, but to some, a Lexus is the result of a corporate engine designed to be what most people will find impressive. Artists want to create and display their own value. Freedom is required for creative energy to flow, and there's just something about being made look expensive that diminishes that. Raw space engenders that unrestrained feeling. Impressiveness is great, but artists would much have a space that allows them to display their impressive work rather than have a space that does it for them. It's easier to do that in raw space. Also, there's something about dropped ceilings, commercial carpeting, and bland hallways that feels imprisoning. It's too corporate. Artists want something unexpected. Something created from an individual's mind and experience that wasn't intended to demonstrate impressiveness for the sake of impressiveness, but to allow them to innovate and demonstrate their work, and to some artists, their work is themselves. If artists want anything from the creation of a space, it is to be set free to create and express themselves. This is not to say Lexus's aren't awesome, it's just to give an analogy. Awesomeness can be the result of many causes. To play with the same analogy, it's interesting to note that historical buildings seem to automatically have a more genuine character to them, especially if they boast the original design. A brand new Lexus is sweet but there's a unique flavor that comes with a classic car. Not only this but creative people also like raw space (creative office style) for unique practical reasons, that class-a office space users do not. In a creative building, typically the ceilings are higher which allows artists to make bigger art pieces. Also, cement flooring, which is really popular, allows one to create things without having to worry about damaging it. What's ironic about all this is that creative office rates are being raised in Downtown Los Angeles while traditional office space rates are being lowered. So creative office is now kind of becoming like a Lexus. But that's okay, reality is ironic. Creative space is suppose to inspire, the occupant is suppose to create. Those creations are what remain eternally genuine, hopefully. You can get creative office space for rent like this in Downtown LA. And what wouldn't be a better place for your work space to be located here in the center of the universe, Downtown Los Angeles. You can do it all with DTLA Real Estate, unless of course, someone else rents it first. And for the record, I wouldn't mind driving a Lexus.

  • Commercial Lease Jun 13 , 2013

    Office Space for Lease/Rent at the US Bank Tower

    Office Space for Lease/Rent at the US Bank Tower Call it what you will; class-a office, luxury office, executive office, or high-end office; it's all the same. The US Bank Tower, one of the most strikingly recognizable pieces of architecture in Los Angeles, and quite possibly, the world, was recently purchased by a Singaporean company for 367.5 million dollars (according to the LA Times). It was previously owned by MPG Office Trust, a big player in commercial office space in Downtown Los Angeles, which also owns other sky-scrapers located in the Bunker Hill area. The building is seventy-three floors, according to Wikipedia, two of which are underground. The building's construction was completed in 1989, also according to Wikipedia. There are a lot of factors which make the US Bank Tower a unique building to rent/lease office space in. First and foremost, as mentioned before, its' fame and icon-stature juxtaposes a prestige and impressiveness to any company renting space inside it. Secondly, it's cornered geometrical circular shape (see floor plan of US Bank Tower below) set it apart from other Downtown LA office buildings. It's a pro and a con actually, because it affords a special character to the spaces inside but also can make it less practical for positioning office furniture and working stations. Third, to the world, the building is representative of the United States as a fixture of liberty and power, making it to what some would call a "target" for enemies of the United States. Personally, I think the third is a silly thing to worry or even think about. The building is so extremely well secured that someone would be foolish to even think about someone even considering making it a target. It's even ridiculous to talk about. Anyway, next subject. The building has an amazing lobby that features tons of glass that allows it to be flooded with natural light. The lobby has rotating glass doors and a extremely beautiful mural of the historical figure from which Los Angeles originally derived its' name. The space for lease that is available is on the 26th and 28th floors. There is a reception area on each floor with a receptionist, small/medium/large conference rooms, a lunch/break area, a common filing cabinet storage area, and offices on the interior and offices on the exterior which of course, have windows and epic views of Downtown Los Angeles. For this deal, all utilities are included along with janitorial services as well. The building has subterranean parking, for an additional daily or monthly fee, along with lots nearby that offer more affordable parking rates. The building has 24 hour access, along with 24 hour security and video surveillance. If you want to make a statement, the US Bank Tower should be your choice if you're looking to rent class-a office space in Downtown Los Angeles. For more information about leasing/renting the US Bank Tower and other commercial real estate information in Downtown LA, call DTLA Real Estate at (213) 304-4727 now!

  • Commercial Lease Jun 4 , 2013

    Creative Office Space at the Pershing Square Building

    Creative Office Space at the Pershing Square Building Ask DTLA brokers the names of four creative office buildings in Downtown LA and on that list will surely be, The Pershing Square Building. The management recently raised the rates from $1.90 per square foot to $2.10. This building, which is usually close to full occupancy, offers a lot of what you come to expect when you see creative office buildings: polished cement flooring, exposed ceilings, cement, beams, and lots of natural light. The raw quality of this type of space is usually what draws the desirability in office tenants. I've had people walk into traditional office buildings in Downtown Los Angeles and they see the blue commercial carpeting, low dropped ceilings, fluorescent lighting with tray and plastic panels, and bland contours of design and they respond, "I hate this." Well, that's kind of good news to me because I specialize in creative office. But as luck would have it, this type of space is being quickly absorbed in Downtown LA. For instance, the Spring Arts Tower is nearly at 100% occupancy. Buildings with the smaller spaces are positioned the best to absorb the demand of tenants. Because tenants seeking space under $1000 monthly rent rate are much more numerous than those seeking space under $2000 monthly. Even more so, tenants looking to pay $500 or less lead the pack. With all this said, the Pershing Square has some striking advantages which have come to be the reason people love it. First and foremost, probably, the restaurant/bar on the roof of the building dazzles spectators that make their first steps onto its floors. With stunning skyline views and a design that seems to reflect the glorious days of the 1920's mixed with a modern quality create an experience that epitomizes Downtown Los Angeles night life. So if you are a happy hour lover, you couldn't be more happy than you would be here at the Pershing Square Building. Though I cannot speak to the drink prices, only the ambiance. What else. This building is unique out of a lot of DTLA creative buildings because the units have central heating and air conditioning. The tenants enjoy 24 hour access to the space. There is a security guard in the lobby 24/7 and they have video surveillance in the common areas. On the up-side, the management is willing to improve the space to meet your needs by designing and building innovative-looking partitions along with other things you might want to do to make the space meet your needs. On the down-side, to do this, they require a two year lease if you want them to pay for improvements. To me, this isn't even a down-side, because tenants should be committed to their business' success and that they will push on despite whatever circumstances their business encounters through its operations in the long or short term. Also, I think rent rates will go up in the future so it wouldn't be a bad thing to secure the rate they have now for the long term. Last but not least, the ground floor has a prime space for lease. This location, being on the border of Bunker Hill and the Historic Core, is a sweet spot for retail commerce. I believe you could actually rent/lease the retail space for a restaurant of bar, provided you are able to get the necessary permits and negotiate a build out. Tenants on the ground floor right now include Subway, and I can't remember the others at the moment. One other thing I need to mention is that the office spaces upstairs share a common bathroom on each floor. And tenants have full access to a game room they have on the third floor. The spaces also have all utilities included in the rent rate. The building does not have on-site parking but there's lots where you can park for a daily or monthly fee very close by. Thanks for reading! For more leasing/rent info on this building and other buildings in Downtown LA, call me at (213) 304-4727 and visit www.dtlarealestate.com All DTLA Condos For Sale DTLA Live/Work Lofts for Sale

  • Commercial Lease Jun 2 , 2013

    Unknown to Most - Gem on Broadway w/ Ground Floor Retail & Creative Office for Rent/Lease

    I don't know what to call this building's exterior design. It's difficult to describe. It's like ancient but robotic, which come to think about it, is really cool! This building has been totally gutted on the inside, brought down to the most raw of states, and is actually totally empty at the moment. The ground floor has ceilings so high that looking up might make you dizzy. It is cement style warehouse space with rectangular/square-like columns instead of the circular ones you'd see in older cement style warehouse buildings. The ground floor space is actually available for lease/rent as a prime retail location in Downtown Los Angeles. Would be an awesome location for a large restaurant or department store. There are about 20 brokers already vying to rent this ground floor space, which is around 7500SF. The location, being on Broadway between 5th and 6th streets, make it a little diamond in the rough. Seems to me that leasing any retail space in Downtown LA right now would be a good idea in the long term, because I can only imagine the spaces getting more expensive soon. Although, there is sort of a surplus you could say of retail space for rent/lease in Downtown LA now, I see that space being absorbed rather quickly in the next couple of years as things improve economically and infrastructurally and as the residential population continues to grow. If you are looking to rent a restaurant space in Downtown LA, now would be the time to do it. There is plenty of ground floor retail space in Downtown Los Angeles that would potentially be good for bars, restaurants, and cafes if you're willing to commit to a long term lease as the environment positively develops. This building, of course, has an upstairs. It's the same style as ground floor but with ceilings that aren't quite as high. The building is a total of six stories and the first four stories are all 7500SF and the upper two are 2500SF each. The spaces upstairs, since it is zoned as commercial real estate, would be ideal for creative office. The building also has a design proposal to turn it into residential units, but nothing has been decided officially yet, as far as I know. Last but not least, the building is also for sale! The price is negotiable. Call for details. For more commercial real estate space for sale/purchase or renting/leasing in Downtown Los Angeles, or to tour this building, fill out the form on the left or just call (213) 304-4727 now. Broadway w/ Ground Floor Retail & Creative Office for Rent/Lease All DTLA Condos For Sale DTLA Live/Work Lofts for Sale

  • Commercial Lease May 26 , 2013

    Spring Arcade Building Retail for Lease - Extreme Potential!!

    Spring Arcade Building Retail for Lease The Spring Arcade Building is one of the historic gems of Downtown LA. This building takes up the space between the two streets, Broadway and Spring Street. This building has apartments upstairs, retail on the ground floor, and along the inside there is an open-air mall with huge walkway running from Broadway to Spring Street. Historically this building, Broadway, and Spring street have been home to bargain retailers and whole-sellers offering cheap deals on every day products. Back in the day, Broadway was like the 99 Cent Store of Los Angeles. Well, that is no more. Due, most likely, to the residential explosion in Downtown LA in the last ten years this area has become home to one of the most popular, if not the most popular, place(s) for young professionals in Downtown Los Angeles. There are three SB lofts buildings on the intersection of which the Spring Arcade Building lies, 6th Street and Spring Street. Not only that but just last year a Starbucks opened up and replaced an electronics bargain retailer in the ground floor corner space of Hotel Hayward, also on Spring Street and 6th Street. Before that other retailers have been popping up like crazy in this area. The cafe and bar scene are quite possibly the most noticeable momentous real estate entities. Spring for Coffee is across the intersection from Starbucks. Coffee Bar, a high end coffee boutique, recently shut down not long after Starbucks arrived across the street; and is now in the works to be changing over to a restaurant and bar. Right next store to what was once Coffee Bar is Spring Street Bar and The Falls Bar, two local-laden watering holes in this epicenter of gentrification. Not only retail but creative office buildings in the area like Spring Arts Tower, located on 6th and Spring Street, have recently achieved 100% occupancy. Additionally, a new creative office building called the Corporation Building (formally known as Spring Tower?) recently completed renovation on a couple floors and is in the process of filling up as you read this article. With the surge of residential and retail in the area it's curious to point out the high number of vacancies in the open-air space of the Spring Arcade Building. Though, the four corner anchor tenants, two on Broadway and two on Spring Street are leading the way by becoming home to a Famima (they moved in a while ago) and new to arrive will be a Mexican Restaurant and a new cafe (both on Spring Street). A Crepe Store will soon open inside the open-air walkway mall but again, there is A LOT of other vacant retail spaces currently available. On top of that all the units will have new HVAC units and the common central walk-way was re-floored last year with very large beautiful tile. These spaces are either approx 500SF or 850SF and they go for $2.50 per gross square foot. So respectively that makes them $1250 monthly or $2125 monthly. Minimal five year leases. Also, some of these units are contiguous so if you're looking for a bigger space you can rent two or three side-by-side each other. You should cash in on this now while you still can because this space will not get any cheaper and the area is continuing to improve! From my humble opinion, one of the reasons that there is a large vacancy for the retailer is that locals aren't really educated to walk through open-air walkway leading from Broadway to Spring and Spring to Broadway. Ridiculous amounts of people walk by the entrances, but few people walk through from one side to the other. Of course, with more retailers they'll have a better reason to do so, but for lack of a better metaphor, you need to first lead a horse to water if you want to get the chance to try to get it to drink. Also, the building hosts two, to what I estimate to be, a 60 foot by 20 foot banner advertising the apartments upstairs (on both Spring Street and Broadway) but the signs say nothing about the ground floor retail available downstairs. Last I heard the loft apartments upstairs are 100% occupied. Seems like some replacing the "lofts available" signage with "retail available" signage would definitely do this building good... if only Mr. Helen, the owner, would let it be DTLA Real Estate's Leasing Sign ;) Whatever the case, the higher number of vacancies is a huge reason for you to capitalize on the current rent rates and open the store you've always dreamed about. I am here to help you fulfill that dream. For leasing information for retail space available at the Spring Arcade Building in the glorious city of Downtown Los Angeles, call me, Donegan McCuaig for a tour at (213) 304-4727. May the real estate gods be with you.

  • Commercial Lease May 22 , 2013

    Leasing Information for Paul Hastings Building

    Quite possibly one of the most impressive architectural designs in all of Downtown, this building boasts a powerful impression that is difficult to describe. See this space to believe! Gorgeous lobby with SOARING CEILINGS. There is 24 HOUR SECURITY GUARD along with VIDEO SURVEILLANCE in some common areas. All utilities are included in your rent so you don't pay electricity, water, sewage, or trash. This building has 24 HOUR ACCESS for those long nights when you need to pound out an important project. ASK ABOUT MOVE-IN SPECIALS. This space is on the 36TH FLOOR and offers STUNNING VIEWS. There is a CONFERENCE ROOM where you can meet and interact with your clients and associates. Along with LUNCH/BREAK area complete with coffee and other beverages. Included in your rent, is a RECEPTIONIST to professionally field your incoming calls. So much more here that seeing in person is incomparable! There is SUBTERRANEAN PARKING which you can park at for a monthly fee along with other lots close by. For additional leasing rental information about the Paul Hastings Building in Downtown Los Angeles, 515 S. Flower, visit www.dtlarealestate.com Showings by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Call Donegan at (213) 304-4727 now! Leasing Information for Paul Hastings Building All DTLA Condos For Sale DTLA Live/Work Lofts for Sale  

  • Commercial Lease May 22 , 2013

    Office Space for Rent/Lease at the Union Bank Building

    Awesome executive office space in DTLA's first sky-scraper, and quite possibly still the best. This building has HIGH END PROFESSIONAL SPACE available. Tons of common area available to you in your rent rate! GORGEOUS LOBBY with 24 HR ON-SITE SECURITY GUARD along with 24 HOUR VIDEO SURVEILLANCE in some common areas. Impress your associates and clients with this space. STUNNING CITY VIEW from the 27TH FLOOR. Floor office all the services you will come to expect, and redefine the standard of office work. ALL UTILITIES INCLUDED so you don't pay electricity, water, sewage, or trash. RECEPTIONIST is here for you and included in your rent rate to professionally field your incoming calls. There is a CONFERENCE ROOM where you, your clients, and associates can meet. LUNCH/BREAK area included along with beverage services (for additional charge). Building has 24 HOUR ACCESS. So much more! There is SUBTERRANEAN PARKING available for a monthly fee, along with VALET PARKING for an additional fee. Showings by APPOINTMENT ONLY. If you're looking to rent executive office space in Downtown LA you have come to the right place. It's just a phone call away. Call Donegan at (213) 304-4727 now! Visit www.dtlarealestate.com Office Space for Rent/Lease at the Union Bank Building Office Space for Rent/Lease at the Union Bank Building All DTLA Condos For Sale DTLA Live/Work Lofts for Sale

  • Commercial Lease May 14 , 2013

    643 S. Olive Leasing Info - Renovated Nice Office Spaces

    If you're looking for a nice office space in Downtown Los Angeles, but don't want to pay Bunker Hill rates, this is an outstanding alternative. This building is basically located on the border of Bunker Hill and the Historic Core, and it is arguably a better location... if you like the Historic Core better, like I do! This building is also part of the Jewelry District so if you're business is related to jewelry you might as well stop what you're doing and rent here now. Ten story building located on the corner of 7th and Olive, which is by many outstanding well-known DTLA hot spots such as Bottega Louis and Seven Grand Whiskey Bar. This building of course has on-site management, maintenance, and 24 hour security guard along with 24 hour video surveillance in the common areas. This building is in the process of experiencing tons of upgrades, including a ground floor exterior face-lift. The lobby will also be completely remodeled along with the elevator interiors. In addition to that, all the floors' elevator entrance ways have been remodeled and upgraded with really nice tile. The bathrooms on every floor have also been totally remodeled. There's a variety of spaces available for lease at the moment starting from 158sf-2165sf, $400-$3300 monthly rent rates, respectively. A picture is worth a thousand words so you can see from the photos what to expect from this great Jewelry District Building. Another interesting component of this building is the 10th floor, penthouse, photography studio which is just amazing! I have never seen a studio nearly as brilliant and impressive than this one! You can see from the photos what I mean. The design is just spectacular, for lack of a better word, and has huge sky-lights! Last but not least, I forgot to mention that all the units in this building are air conditioned and come with all utilities included!! Of course, with all our spaces, it is a minimal one year lease. Fill out the form to the left or call Donegan at (213) 304-4727 now for details!

  • Commercial Lease Apr 26 , 2013

    1320 South Main Street Brand New Construction

    So this building actually burnt down a couple years ago. I was referred to the owner, Fred, through another client. Fred had just purchased the property from the bank. And construction had been completed not long after the bank put it on the market. Long story short, the building is now available for lease! So we started with an empty building, which is my specialty, and quickly filled up the ground floor retail spaces. This location in the Fashion District is known for t-shirts. So there's lots of t-shirt whole sellers in the area. At the time there was a lot of retail/show room space available in the area but since then most of the spaces have been rented as the economy seems to be getting stronger. Anyway, it's a three story building. The top floor is a stunning raw brick and raw bowed wood trussed ceiling. The photos speak for themselves but it is easy to see how these spaces also rented quickly to two different fashion companies to be used as their design and operations center. Each floor is approx 6300SF and we had an architect and licensed contractor take the necessary means to sub-divide the space into two units. After the hallways and entrance area was added each space came out to be a net square foot of around 2700SF each. These spaces got so much attention, that they rented for $3200 and $3400 each, not including utilities or CAM charges. The second floor is a different story. It's also 6300 gross square feet but a totally different style. If only we could go back in time and tell the insurance company to make it the same style as the third floor!! The second floor is more traditional office style with white walls and standard ceiling heights. In an effort to give the space some flavor we had some graffiti artists come in and add a creative touch to the walls, as you can see here in the photos. We're also subdividing the second floor into two different spaces, in the exact same layout as the third floor. All the units, by the way, will have their own private bathroom along with central heating and air conditioning.

  • Commercial Lease Apr 23 , 2013

    New Building in Vernon with Soaring Ceilings

    Came across this awesome building driving around aimlessly looking for industrial space. And boy, is this industrial. Awesome ceiling height... can you say "16 FOOT CEILINGS?" Yes, 16 foot ceilings. Cement flooring. This jewel, like many spaces of the same type, has the windows painted over. Yes, it gets warm in the summers, but cut out the natural light? Please. Nevertheless, behold, cement style industrial space. Get this, this space is on the ground floor, yes GROUND FLOOR! It's rare to find industrial space like this with 24 hour access, ground floor, and with this ceiling height. You find something like this, rent it. Actually, just rent this one. Space has metal roll-up doors which make one capable of driving a car inside. Excited to bring this building to you and even more excited to get this new addition to the DTLA Real Estate family. Like always, minimal one year lease. All the utilities are included. I'll be sure to let you know as soon as new space comes available here. I look forward to experiencing more space in the glorious city of Vernon, and if you're with me, you will too. Until next time!

  • Commercial Lease Apr 14 , 2013

    11,500SF - Free Standing Building near Staples Center

    It's not every day you come across a property like this, 1800 S. Flower street. This building is a god-send to anyone with a medium sized company looking to bring their operations at several locations all under one roof in Downtown LA. The building is a one story entity with roof parking lot that could fit around forty cars, need that confirmed. There is a large reception area at the main entrance of this property with four cubicles. The 11,500 square feet is about half office space and half warehouse space. There are around SEVEN PRIVATE OFFICES along with two large open areas that can fit many MANY cubicles. The property is currently owner occupied and would take around three months to be fully vacated in the event that it is leased. And it is indeed FOR LEASE! There is a conference room as well as a lunch room with kitchenette. The building has three bathrooms. The photos really say it all when it comes to this space. Obviously, the building has 24 hour access. The rent rate was actually just reduced from $14,125 monthly to $12,650 monthly. Not only that, but the lease is no longer triple-net (NNN). All the tenant will pay is rent plus utilities. Lease may entail that tenant needs to purchase additional insurance but taxes and other NNN expenses are being paid for by the owner. See your lease for details and full disclosures. The location of this property is awesome with regard to being near Downtown LA's entertainment district which is home to LA Live, Staples Center, and Regal Cinemas. Also it's incredibly convenient for public transportation being so close to the 10fwy and 110fwy as well as major bus and train routes. Rent this building while you still can! The owner is looking for a minimal three year lease. For more information fill out the form at the left and someone will get back to you!

  • Commercial Lease Apr 14 , 2013

    305 E. 9th - Creative Offices in DTLA's Fashion District

    This is truly a unique building! I call it the DTLA Mall. But it's not really a mall it's just laid out like a mall. Located in Downtown LA's garment district, this building was originally built to be show-rooms for the fabric wholesale and retail industries. Most of the tenants are actually still fabric whole-sellers who use second, third, and fourth floor show-rooms as office space. Since I've been working with the building for over a year now, we have filled this building with a unique collection of tenants. Most of them are in the Fashion Industry and use this space for fashion purposes. 305 E. 9th is located in the fabric area of the Fashion District, where available ground floor retail space is scarce at this time. As such, the ground floor of this building has been 100% occupied the entire time I've known about it. In my mind, the best part about the building is that it's real estate location is in what I believe to be the best part of the Fashion District. The building is actually laid out like a mall and though it's only four stories the second and fourth floors are open space in the middle of the building. Check out the photos, and you'll see what I mean. Another cool part about this building is that the fourth floor ceiling has a mural painted on it to look like the night sky with planets and celestial things. The second floor roof is a mural of clouds, along with additional art in the central area. Building is open every day from 8am to 8pm. There is on-site security guard, maintenance, and manager. There's also 24 hour video surveillance in the common areas. What also separates this building from other spaces used as creative office in the area is that all the units are AIR CONDITIONED. Last but not least, all your utilities are included in the rent rate. If you're looking for creative office in Downtown LA's Fashion District to rent or lease, 305 E. 9th should definitely be on your list of places to see. I left out the best part, the rent rate is pretty cheap and goes for around $1 a square foot, which also includes portion of the common area. This rent rate is pretty crazy when there's other creative office buildings in Downtown LA that aren't far from this building that charge $1.85 per square foot. Fill out the form to the left if you'd like more information or to schedule a tour.

  • Commercial Lease Mar 12 , 2013

    7th & Main St. Ground Floor Retail w/ Awesome PPSF!!

    This space's location is one of the most popular for young people in their 20's and 30's in all of Downtown LA. Could be used as RETAIL for any kind of store or company, provided you get the proper licenses and permits. Could be used as CREATIVE OFFICE too. FOUR STORY BUILDING. Ground floor space available, which is the left half of the GROUND FLOOR. HIGH CEILINGS... I'd estimate 18 feet. PARKING LOT NEXT DOOR where you can pay monthly membership. Space is pretty RAW right now and hasn't changed since the last tenant moved out. Per negotiation, LANDLORD MAY BE WILLING TO DO TENANT IMPROVEMENTS. Previous tenant was a loan and check-cashing place. It currently has at the entrance a room behind bullet proof glass. Would be ideal for any company wanting a good location for walk-by retail because it's very close to lots of residential lofts. The area is a prime location in DTLA. There is also a large mezzanine space which can be used for offices or storage. Space would be a great location for a restaurant or bar. Space has 24 HOUR ACCESS. The space has private men and women's separate restrooms. 3500SF includes MEZZANINE SPACE!! Minimal one year lease. Fill out the form to the left or call/text (213) 304-4727 for touring information!



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