305 E. 9th - Creative Offices in DTLA's Fashion District
Apr 14 , 2013

This is truly a unique building! I call it the DTLA Mall. But it’s not really a mall it’s just laid out like a mall. Located in Downtown LA’s garment district, this building was originally built to be show-rooms for the fabric wholesale and retail industries. Most of the tenants are actually still fabric whole-sellers who use second, third, and fourth floor show-rooms as office space.

Since I’ve been working with the building for over a year now, we have filled this building with a unique collection of tenants. Most of them are in the Fashion Industry and use this space for fashion purposes. 305 E. 9th is located in the fabric area of the Fashion District, where available ground floor retail space is scarce at this time. As such, the ground floor of this building has been 100% occupied the entire time I’ve known about it.

In my mind, the best part about the building is that it’s real estate location is in what I believe to be the best part of the Fashion District. The building is actually laid out like a mall and though it’s only four stories the second and fourth floors are open space in the middle of the building. Check out the photos, and you’ll see what I mean.

Another cool part about this building is that the fourth floor ceiling has a mural painted on it to look like the night sky with planets and celestial things. The second floor roof is a mural of clouds, along with additional art in the central area. Building is open every day from 8am to 8pm. There is on-site security guard, maintenance, and manager. There’s also 24 hour video surveillance in the common areas. What also separates this building from other spaces used as creative office in the area is that all the units are AIR CONDITIONED. Last but not least, all your utilities are included in the rent rate. If you’re looking for creative office in Downtown LA’s Fashion District to rent or lease, 305 E. 9th should definitely be on your list of places to see. I left out the best part, the rent rate is pretty cheap and goes for around $1 a square foot, which also includes portion of the common area. This rent rate is pretty crazy when there’s other creative office buildings in Downtown LA that aren’t far from this building that charge $1.85 per square foot. Fill out the form to the left if you’d like more information or to schedule a tour.

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