The Difference Between Warehouse & Creative Office Space in Downtown LA
Nov 7 , 2013

Being a commercial real estate broker in Downtown Los Angeles over the years has given me a perspective of creative office space versus warehouse space. I started in Downtown LA in the Fashion District renting warehouse space to artists. I’m not going to embark on a philosophical discussion regarding semantics but the terms “warehouse space” and “creative office space” are thrown around so loosely, but they often intersect.

Generally speaking here’s what both types of space share:

– both “creative” types of space
– both sought by artists and creative companies
– both have exposed ceilings (not dropped ceilings)
– both often have cement or wood flooring
– both desired with natural light
– both types enable artists to create art within them
– both older/historic buildings, typically
– both designed and built for a different set of renters than we have now

Generally speaking here’s what separates creative office from warehouse space, from my experience:

– more expensive price per square foot
– more polished
– nicer bathrooms
– cleaner
– newer looking
– located in a part of DTLA with a high walk-score
– more customer service oriented management
– building tenants are all office or non-manufacturing use
– include modern amenities (central HVAC, conference room, bar, cafe, roof lounge, et cetera)
– more expensive parking, generally less convenient parking
– more likely to have 24 hour access
– more “professional”
– worse loading and unloading
– less likely to have freight elevator, let alone one that works
– freight elevators smaller
– more likely to have lower ceilings

Generally speaking, here’s what separates warehouse space from creative office space:

– less expensive price per square foot
– better loading and unloading
– grittier, a lot grittier
– less maintained
– dirtier and dustier
– dirtier often gross bathrooms
– more likely to have freight elevators
– freight elevators bigger
– located in a part of DTLA with low walk-score
– generally better and cheaper parking
– building manager less customer service oriented
– do not have modern amenities like A/C, etc
– less likely to have 24 hour access
– building tenants are mixed with manufacturing companies and office use
– less “professional”
– more likely to have higher ceilings

And that pretty much sums it up! If you’re looking for commercial real estate for sale or lease in Downtown Los Angeles give us a call! (213) 304-4727 Lic#01753250

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