And here’s another retail space on Main Street! The building is currently fully occupied but owners are looking to replace the tenants with more hip establishments that will bring up the community and spread the flow of positive hipster energy onto Main Street. As a commercial real estate broker in Downtown LA for years it’s fascinating to see the growth and change, and that’s so normal to say that it’s starting to sound cliche. Nevertheless, the building is located on Main Street near 7th Street and is part of the Corporation Building (creative office space) at 724 S Spring St. The building will be getting a facade renovation including removing the metal roll-up doors and installing nice canopies along with new windowed frontage. Spaces are about 700sf, 900sf, and 1200sf and current occupants can leave within 30 days. These spaces are small but can be combined to make on big space as well! It would be great to get a cafe with some decent seating and not $4 coffee, which is so desperately needed in the area.

Retail space for lease in Downtown Los Angeles on the border of Historic Core and the Fashion District
Retail building with space for lease on Main St and 7th St

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