Office Space for Lease/Rent at the US Bank Tower
Jun 13 , 2013

Office Space for Lease/Rent at the US Bank Tower

Call it what you will; class-a office, luxury office, executive office, or high-end office; it’s all the same. The US Bank Tower, one of the most strikingly recognizable pieces of architecture in Los Angeles, and quite possibly, the world, was recently purchased by a Singaporean company for 367.5 million dollars (according to the LA Times). It was previously owned by MPG Office Trust, a big player in commercial office space in Downtown Los Angeles, which also owns other sky-scrapers located in the Bunker Hill area. The building is seventy-three floors, according to Wikipedia, two of which are underground. The building’s construction was completed in 1989, also according to Wikipedia. There are a lot of factors which make the US Bank Tower a unique building to rent/lease office space in. First and foremost, as mentioned before, its’ fame and icon-stature juxtaposes a prestige and impressiveness to any company renting space inside it. Secondly, it’s cornered geometrical circular shape (see floor plan of US Bank Tower below) set it apart from other Downtown LA office buildings. It’s a pro and a con actually, because it affords a special character to the spaces inside but also can make it less practical for positioning office furniture and working stations. Third, to the world, the building is representative of the United States as a fixture of liberty and power, making it to what some would call a “target” for enemies of the United States. Personally, I think the third is a silly thing to worry or even think about. The building is so extremely well secured that someone would be foolish to even think about someone even considering making it a target. It’s even ridiculous to talk about. Anyway, next subject. The building has an amazing lobby that features tons of glass that allows it to be flooded with natural light. The lobby has rotating glass doors and a extremely beautiful mural of the historical figure from which Los Angeles originally derived its’ name. The space for lease that is available is on the 26th and 28th floors. There is a reception area on each floor with a receptionist, small/medium/large conference rooms, a lunch/break area, a common filing cabinet storage area, and offices on the interior and offices on the exterior which of course, have windows and epic views of Downtown Los Angeles. For this deal, all utilities are included along with janitorial services as well. The building has subterranean parking, for an additional daily or monthly fee, along with lots nearby that offer more affordable parking rates. The building has 24 hour access, along with 24 hour security and video surveillance. If you want to make a statement, the US Bank Tower should be your choice if you’re looking to rent class-a office space in Downtown Los Angeles. For more information about leasing/renting the US Bank Tower and other commercial real estate information in Downtown LA, call DTLA Real Estate at (213) 304-4727 now!

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