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Creative Office Space at the Pershing Square Building.

Ask DTLA brokers the names of four creative office buildings in Downtown LA and on that list will surely be, The Pershing Square Building. The management recently raised the rates from $1.90 per square foot to $2.10. This building, which is usually close to full occupancy, offers a lot of what you come to expect when you see creative office buildings: polished cement flooring, exposed ceilings, cement, beams, and lots of natural light. The raw quality of this type of space is usually what draws the desirability in office tenants. I’ve had people walk into traditional office buildings in Downtown Los Angeles and they see the blue commercial carpeting, low dropped ceilings, fluorescent lighting with tray and plastic panels, and bland contours of design and they respond, “I hate this.” Well, that’s kind of good news to me because I specialize in creative office. But as luck would have it, this type of space is being quickly absorbed in Downtown LA.

Creative Office Space at the Pershing Square Building.

For instance, the Spring Arts Tower is nearly at 100% occupancy. Buildings with the smaller spaces are positioned the best to absorb the demand of tenants. Because tenants seeking space under $1000 monthly rent rate are much more numerous than those seeking space under $2000 monthly. Even more so, tenants looking to pay $500 or less lead the pack. With all this said, the Pershing Square has some striking advantages which have come to be the reason people love it. First and foremost, probably, the restaurant/bar on the roof of the building dazzles spectators that make their first steps onto its floors. With stunning skyline views and a design that seems to reflect the glorious days of the 1920’s mixed with a modern quality create an experience that epitomizes Downtown Los Angeles night life. So if you are a happy hour lover, you couldn’t be more happy than you would be here at the Pershing Square Building. Though I cannot speak to the drink prices, only the ambiance.

Creative Office Space at the Pershing Square Building.

What else. This building is unique out of a lot of DTLA creative buildings because the units have central heating and air conditioning. The tenants enjoy 24 hour access to the space. There is a security guard in the lobby 24/7 and they have video surveillance in the common areas. On the up-side, the management is willing to improve the space to meet your needs by designing and building innovative-looking partitions along with other things you might want to do to make the space meet your needs. On the down-side, to do this, they require a two year lease if you want them to pay for improvements. To me, this isn’t even a down-side, because tenants should be committed to their business’ success and that they will push on despite whatever circumstances their business encounters through its operations in the long or short term. Also, I think rent rates will go up in the future so it wouldn’t be a bad thing to secure the rate they have now for the long term.

Creative Office Space at the Pershing Square Building.

Last but not least, the ground floor has a prime space for lease. This location, being on the border of Bunker Hill and the Historic Core, is a sweet spot for retail commerce. I believe you could actually rent/lease the retail space for a restaurant of bar, provided you are able to get the necessary permits and negotiate a build out. Tenants on the ground floor right now include Subway, and I can’t remember the others at the moment. One other thing I need to mention is that the office spaces upstairs share a common bathroom on each floor. And tenants have full access to a game room they have on the third floor. The spaces also have all utilities included in the rent rate. The building does not have on-site parking but there’s lots where you can park for a daily or monthly fee very close by. Thanks for reading! For more leasing/rent info on this building and other buildings in Downtown LA, call me at (213) 304-4727 and visit www.dtlarealestate.com

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