I don’t know what it is about Main Street… it’s the sister street to Broadway but it doesn’t get nearly as much “bullish hype” than Broadway does. Which is great for our commercial real estate brokerage because we seem to be killing it on Main Street. There’s plenty of retail available on Main Street and it differs from Broadway in one big way- it’s closer to Skid Row. My response to that is, who cares? Main Street has huge potential and actually doesn’t look as worn down as Broadway. In any case, there’s a lot of small retail space for rent on Main in the Fashion District. It’s a challenge how e-commerce is affecting the Garment District Showrooms because the result is more vacant space. On the flip-side South Park and the Historic Core are burgeoning and retailers are reluctant to tread far from Spring Street. But alas, eventually there will be more and more of those pioneer retailers like Wendell’s, the bar that just moved in on Main Street between 6th and 7th, that will pave the way for the covered wagons to follow. Certain entrepreneurs are taking advantage of low rent rates and are confident in their branding and marketing to make people come to them, and DTLA is lucky for that. Anyway this retail space here is available! It’s about $1750 monthly rent rate and 950 square feet. Nice flooring, central a/c, and private bathroom. Call (213) 304-4727 for this and more retail space for lease in Downtown Los Angeles!

Downtown LA retail space for lease Fashion District
Retail and showroom space for lease in Downtown LA’s Fashion District.

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