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Why here? Why now? Those are good questions. The answer is, the deal is good now and it will get worse the longer you wait. Everyone is bullish about Downtown LA’s economy, aren’t you as well? What does that mean for rent rates and property values? Exactly. I don’t need to answer that because you know. As a broker of commercial real estate in Downtown LA I’ve had a lot of experience. I started when the market was probably at it’s worse in 2009, an opportune time to be buying up REO’s, foreclosures, and short-sales. Alas, we all wish we would have acted then because we all have seen the prices sky-rocket since then, but at the very least we can act now. Do you have a retail business? Perhaps you need an office space that is not only functional, but says something about you as a business. If you found a good space for either of those, do you think it would be good to wait longer? Perhaps see if the market gets better? Perhaps, you want a short term lease so your rent can be raised to unknown heights at its expiration, exactly not! Give DTLA Real Estate a call. Let’s talk. What are your goals for the future and how can we execute a real estate strategy to get you to achieve your desired business results. That’s something I love to talk about. Do you think I’m too optimistic? I’m waiting your thoughts now at (213) 304-4727

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