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Another reason people think that they will save money not using a commercial real estate broker in Downtown Los Angeles is because they think that they will somehow be more likely to get a better deal: they think that the commission a broker would make will go in their pockets. This is usually not true. Most commercial properties are represented by a broker anyway, let alone that some buildings you have to use a broker to get access. So whatever the total commission is, say 4%, if you go directly through the listing broker, that listing broker is going to get 4% typically. If you bring a broker to represent you, your broker would make 2% and the listing broker would make 2%. In other words, numbers-wise, most of the time it doesn’t make a difference if you bring an agent/broker by with you if the property’s listed by another broker. The only way it would be possible for you to get all or part of that 4% is to deal directly with the owner or property management company. If you feel confident that you can do better on your own than using an expert, and you just want to throw away the benefits that I mentioned about the seven benefits of using a commercial real estate agent in Downtown LA (in two posts before this one), than go right ahead. Perhaps you like taking risks? Use us, we want to help you! You know the number (213) 304-4727 thanks for reading our commercial real estate blog! And of course, if you want to see commercial real estate listings just view the link above. Cheers

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