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I don’t know what to call this building’s exterior design. It’s difficult to describe. It’s like ancient but robotic, which come to think about it, is really cool! This building has been totally gutted on the inside, brought down to the most raw of states, and is actually totally empty at the moment. The ground floor has ceilings so high that looking up might make you dizzy. It is cement style warehouse space with rectangular/square-like columns instead of the circular ones you’d see in older cement style warehouse buildings. The ground floor space is actually available for lease/rent as a prime retail location in Downtown Los Angeles. Would be an awesome location for a large restaurant or department store. There are about 20 brokers already vying to rent this ground floor space, which is around 7500SF. The location, being on Broadway between 5th and 6th streets, make it a little diamond in the rough. Seems to me that leasing any retail space in Downtown LA right now would be a good idea in the long term, because I can only imagine the spaces getting more expensive soon. Although, there is sort of a surplus you could say of retail space for rent/lease in Downtown LA now, I see that space being absorbed rather quickly in the next couple of years as things improve economically and infrastructurally and as the residential population continues to grow. If you are looking to rent a restaurant space in Downtown LA, now would be the time to do it. There is plenty of ground floor retail space in Downtown Los Angeles that would potentially be good for bars, restaurants, and cafes if you’re willing to commit to a long term lease as the environment positively develops. This building, of course, has an upstairs. It’s the same style as ground floor but with ceilings that aren’t quite as high. The building is a total of six stories and the first four stories are all 7500SF and the upper two are 2500SF each. The spaces upstairs, since it is zoned as commercial real estate, would be ideal for creative office. The building also has a design proposal to turn it into residential units, but nothing has been decided officially yet, as far as I know. Last but not least, the building is also for sale! The price is negotiable. Call for details. For more commercial real estate space for sale/purchase or renting/leasing in Downtown Los Angeles, or to tour this building, fill out the form on the left or just call (213) 304-4727 now.

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