South Park District Retail Space & Restaurant Spaces for Lease
Apr 3 , 2014

The South Park District is an exciting area to be involved in, in Downtown Los Angeles, because like other areas it is an area bubbling with change and growth. I recently have been attending the South Park BID (business improvement district) meetings to get more involved in the community, activities, and improvements occurring in the neighborhood. South Park is an interesting beast because it has such contrasting street types. For instance, on Grand Avenue with Evo, Luma, and condo buildings are there and other active streets such as Figueroa, Flower Street, and Hope Street the retail has lots of residential foot traffic and members of the greater Downtown LA community visiting amenities there. The retail is already there and existing. The thing is that there are more streets than just these popular ones, and like everywhere else in Downtown right now, there’s a good amount of retail space available for lease in non-A+ locations. The challenge for tenants that the owners of these currently sub-par locations want high rates because they have been able to command those rates via their commercial and industrial tenants that have been historically prevalent. But tenants who are more retail oriented do not want to be the first to jump in the proverbial cold water. Many potential tenants will say, regarding commercial property for rent in South Park’s Downtown Los Angeles, that in three years or so, they’d love to rent space there. The problem is finding those first pioneers on these otherwise non-retail ground floor commercial buildings. Also, a lot of the upstairs office space for lease is under-utilized as well. However, there is hope. With the efforts of commercial real estate brokers like me, the state and local governments, and the South Park District BID; we are sure to see the slow rise of the new age of retail and commercial space in Downtown Los Angeles’ South Park which will eventually increase in a snowball like effect. If you want help finding commercial space in DTLA’s South Park, give us a call! (213) 304-4727

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