1320 S. Main St. - Newly Sub-divided & Upgraded
Jul 29 , 2013

I did a post about 1320 South Main Street before. The building had burned down and was owned by the bank before the current owner purchased it. What happened was, when the insurance company rebuilt the space, they just made the second and third floor huge 6300SF spaces. There were no flooring, and no walls subdividing the space.

The third floor came first. Due to the current market conditions renting a 6300SF space at a premium is hard to do. It’s much easier to rent smaller spaces. In fact, the smaller they are the more quickly they get rented, in Downtown LA least. So the third floor is this epic space with bowed wood truss ceiling and raw brick walls. It made peoples’ mouths drop when they came in. It’s amazing how I still get calls for this space, but I finally took the photos down off our web-site even though the spaces were no longer listed on Craig’s List.

So anyway. The third floor subdivided in a flash and rented quickly. Onto the second floor. The second floor was one huge weird blue commercial carpeted class-b office space. It’s hard to imagine someone needing that much open space. Alas, the sub-division was made into two 3150 gross square foot spaces.

Low and behold, the flooring was also changed into a beautiful faux wood aesthetic work. Kitchenettes were added in each one. Video surveillance in the common areas was installed. Central air conditioning and heating was installed. Private bathrooms in each unit were created. The space now looks more like a creative office space than it does anything else, and that’s a good thing. The ceilings are around 10 feet high, and they don’t have the dropped ceilings that you typically see with class-b office space in Downtown Los Angeles. You’re not going to find cleaner space with all these practical features at a better price per square foot than this in Downtown’s Fashion/Garment District.

You can see from the photos for yourself that this is an awesome space. I think I have the front half rented already to an artist. For more information regarding this space call (213) 304-4727 or visit the links above here at www.dtlarealestate.com For more commercial real estate in Downtown Los Angeles, from our glorious tiny little company/brokerage, DTLA Real Estate.

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