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So this building actually burnt down a couple years ago. I was referred to the owner, Fred, through another client. Fred had just purchased the property from the bank. And construction had been completed not long after the bank put it on the market. Long story short, the building is now available for lease!


So we started with an empty building, which is my specialty, and quickly filled up the ground floor retail spaces. This location in the Fashion District is known for t-shirts. So there’s lots of t-shirt whole sellers in the area. At the time there was a lot of retail/show room space available in the area but since then most of the spaces have been rented as the economy seems to be getting stronger.


Anyway, it’s a three story building. The top floor is a stunning raw brick and raw bowed wood trussed ceiling. The photos speak for themselves but it is easy to see how these spaces also rented quickly to two different fashion companies to be used as their design and operations center.


Each floor is approx 6300SF and we had an architect and licensed contractor take the necessary means to sub-divide the space into two units. After the hallways and entrance area was added each space came out to be a net square foot of around 2700SF each. These spaces got so much attention, that they rented for $3200 and $3400 each, not including utilities or CAM charges.


The second floor is a different story. It’s also 6300 gross square feet but a totally different style. If only we could go back in time and tell the insurance company to make it the same style as the third floor!! The second floor is more traditional office style with white walls and standard ceiling heights. In an effort to give the space some flavor we had some graffiti artists come in and add a creative touch to the walls, as you can see here in the photos.

We’re also subdividing the second floor into two different spaces, in the exact same layout as the third floor. All the units, by the way, will have their own private bathroom along with central heating and air conditioning.

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