Cheap Office Space in Downtown Los Angeles
Jan 2 , 2014

We are your #1 resource for cheap office space in DTLA! Why? Well because most commercial real estate brokerages do not cater to the types of clients wanting small office spaces. Why? Because they only want clients that want large office spaces that sign long leases because it pays them more! That’s one of the reasons that makes us special.

Many of our clients are start-up companies. Also, I have heard from people who I have toured many times, small business owners, that say, “I’ve been working out of my home for so long but my operation has grown so much that it’s taking over my living space, and I need to separate them!” That’s a good thing!

Many small office spaces in Downtown LA are not listed on the market because brokers don’t want to spend the time servicing them. They take the same amount of work as large office spaces for only a fraction of the money. That’s okay with us here at DTLA Real Estate because we count on your business growing and having you come back to us when you’re looking to expand your work space and move up to bigger and better things! Give us a call if you’re looking to rent commercial real estate in Downtown! (213) 304-4727 Lic#01753250

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