Why Creative Office in Downtown LA?
Jun 23 , 2013

DTLA Real Estate does it all. But out of all of it, our favorite is probably creative office. Executive office is great, and we enjoy it as well, but creative office just seems more natural to us. Helping people find creative space in Downtown Los Angeles is our passion. We know that our clients want to be inspired, and are not motivated by all the same things that most class-a office seekers find important.

One of the many things that are important for a lot of class-a office building seekers, is to have an impressive and high class vibe to be viewed by their clients as successful and reputable. Being able to afford a really expensive space can be a sign of authenticity, being the real deal, and everyone can appreciate that. Artists, care about presentation as well, but for different mix of reasons and motivations. Freedom, innovation, and character are probably the things that are most important to them.

You don’t see a lot of artists driving around in Lexus’s. I say that not because a lot of artists out there comply with the “starving artist” stereotype of not having enough money to afford executive office rents in Downtown Los Angeles at around $3-$4 per square foot, but because artists want to feel and be unrestrained.

To some, driving a Lexus is sign of success and reputability. That may be true, but to some, a Lexus is the result of a corporate engine designed to be what most people will find impressive. Artists want to create and display their own value. Freedom is required for creative energy to flow, and there’s just something about being made look expensive that diminishes that. Raw space engenders that unrestrained feeling. Impressiveness is great, but artists would much have a space that allows them to display their impressive work rather than have a space that does it for them. It’s easier to do that in raw space.

Also, there’s something about dropped ceilings, commercial carpeting, and bland hallways that feels imprisoning. It’s too corporate. Artists want something unexpected. Something created from an individual’s mind and experience that wasn’t intended to demonstrate impressiveness for the sake of impressiveness, but to allow them to innovate and demonstrate their work, and to some artists, their work is themselves. If artists want anything from the creation of a space, it is to be set free to create and express themselves.

This is not to say Lexus’s aren’t awesome, it’s just to give an analogy. Awesomeness can be the result of many causes. To play with the same analogy, it’s interesting to note that historical buildings seem to automatically have a more genuine character to them, especially if they boast the original design. A brand new Lexus is sweet but there’s a unique flavor that comes with a classic car.

Not only this but creative people also like raw space (creative office style) for unique practical reasons, that class-a office space users do not. In a creative building, typically the ceilings are higher which allows artists to make bigger art pieces. Also, cement flooring, which is really popular, allows one to create things without having to worry about damaging it. What’s ironic about all this is that creative office rates are being raised in Downtown Los Angeles while traditional office space rates are being lowered. So creative office is now kind of becoming like a Lexus. But that’s okay, reality is ironic. Creative space is suppose to inspire, the occupant is suppose to create. Those creations are what remain eternally genuine, hopefully.

You can get creative office space for rent like this in Downtown LA. And what wouldn’t be a better place for your work space to be located here in the center of the universe, Downtown Los Angeles. You can do it all with DTLA Real Estate, unless of course, someone else rents it first. And for the record, I wouldn’t mind driving a Lexus.

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