Property Management in DTLA
Jun 30 , 2015

Property Management in DTLA.

Have you ever met a Downtown Los Angeles commercial real estate property owner? It might be a little like spotting a unicorn. The truth is, most Downtown LA real estate is owned by international investors. So what does this mean for those of us who live, work and play in DTLA? It means that some of the gentrification efforts are slowed down due to out-of-touch property owners. Have you ever noticed a great building hidden under an old paint job, in need of some light maintenance, and wondered why this great building has been left unkempt in a rapidly gentrifying area?

The answer is property management. With owners being remotely located, the property manager is left responsible for the property management and property maintenance, but not all managers know what’s best for the property and the investment. In fact, managers are often reluctant to ask owners for the funds necessary to update old properties. Ironically, in an attempt to save a few thousand dollars, they end up costing their property owners tens of thousands of dollars! In my experience, some managers are too shortsighted.

Take the Fashion District for example. Downtown LA’s Fashion District has become a destination spot for retail shoppers all over the city.  However, most typical retailers prefer more traditional retail locations in other areas of Downtown that are less about wholesale: for instance, the Arts District, South Park, or Bunker Hill.  To lease your commercial space for top-dollar, you need to have the right management company in place, assuring that the value is there for both tenants and property owners. Wholesale District property management and Toy District property management is a great example of this point. Buildings in these districts are being managed the same way they were decades ago, while at the same time trying desperately to lease for top-dollar.

The buildings that have signed on with property management firms and who have made reasonable upgrades to their properties have seen the returns on their investment and have added to the gentrification efforts; beautifying the neighborhood, increasing foot-traffic, and attracting top-tier tenants who are willing to pay more for the added value.

The lesson here is to outsource your Fashion District, Toy District, or Wholesale district property management to professionals, like those at Donegan McCuaig knows property management and he knows what it takes to keep your building looking great and attracting the best tenants at the most competitive price. For questions about Downtown Los Angeles property management, or any other real estate opportunity, contact Donegan McCuaig at the number above.

Property Management in DTLA.

Property Management in DTLA.

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