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There’s a lot of buildings out there that people call “creative office” buildings. But they are so in name only… actually sometimes, for these buildings, “creative office” is simply a euphemism. That should not be so! A lot of times it’s a shoddy random building that is only creative insofar as it wasn’t built to be office spaces originally. And sometimes that counts, but not always. Worse case scenario, it’s an old traditional office style building with dropped ceilings and commercial carpeting than hasn’t seen an upgrade in years. In that case it’s class-c office space, and “c” does not mean creative! It means grade-C. And C’s don’t get degrees when it comes to creative space. So what is the authentic real deal? Well that’s different for each person, but here are some things to think about before making your decision.

(1) Who are the other tenants in the building? Are they good for your creativity and productivity?

I’ve been renting warehouse space for a long time now. Sometimes, artists I’ve leased space to don’t even want to be near other artists. Which sounds strange but I kid you not. The more random the space the better for some people. Do other creative people inspire you, or do they distract and disengage you from your individuality and productivity?

(2) What is authentic and unique about the building and not manufactured and made for the masses? What is the integrity of the building’s design like?

It’s kind of impossible to avoid this entirely, but does the building or space have any unique fixtures? This can affect how your clients view you when they come to your space.

(3) Does the layout of the building and space fit your purposes?

(4) What is the walk score of the building and how do the nearby walkable amenities affect you?

Do you need to be walking near cafes and bars? Perhaps you do, and perhaps you need the social aspect, not just coffee and alcohol. Or are you fine with renting a space near the 10fwy in the Fashion District? It can be nice to get out of your building and work somewhere else to walk and get some exercise and to change things up for a bit to make you feel better.

(5) How dynamic is the building? What changes and invigorates?

Does the building have the same thing day in and day out? Does the monotony of the building make you want to end your life? Just kidding. How does the building keep your life new and interesting?

(6) How does the building affect your networking goals?

Are there any common areas? How does the building cause you to engage with other tenants?

So that’s all I got for now. Give us a call if you’re interested in properties and buildings in Downtown Los Angeles. We can help you make a good investment for your business for what suits your energy and style… that is, if it currently exists in the market at the time and they work with brokers! As always you can call (213) 304-4727 to get additional information about commercial real estate in Downtown that’s for rent/lease or for buying/selling.

May the chi flow in harmony with you. (that’s a fung shue reference… nevermind)

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