Los Angeles. The fate of its local economy hangs in the balance of the results of NII
Los Angeles. The fate of its local economy hangs in the balance of the results of NII

Having integrity means having strong unwavering morals and principals. It means being honest. It means creating unity and standing undivided. Based on that meaning you would think the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative is a comprehensive plan to bring Los Angeles together and stand up for ideals that are moral and just. Instead NII is just the opposite. It is a deceitful plan that only pretends to stand up for Los Angeles. In reality it is a ballot initiative that is attempting to stop almost all building in the Los Angeles area for a period of two years in order to help raise property values and protect skyline views. Worst of all it is funded by money donated to help save the lives of people afflicted by HIV and AIDS.

The ballot measure is the brainchild of Micheal Weinstein, the head of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. The offices of the AHF sit in Hollywood directly next to the proposed site of the Palladium Towers. These towers will restrict the amazing view Mr. Weinstein has from his 23rd story office. Coincidentally when this was announced Michael decided that it was time to help those affected by HIV by fighting high rise towers in Los Angeles. He explained that greedy developers are putting up mega towers all over LA and he was going to fight for people that needed affordable housing, such as many of those afflicted with this devastating virus.

Michael Weinstein says that he is not against building, he is against large developers getting spot zoning variances from the city. It is true that this happens, but LA’s zoning code is such a mess that nearly every building requires some sort of spot zoning variance. He fails to mention that the same affordable housing projects would also need these variances. He also leaves out that Recode LA is addressing this very problem.

Michael Weinstein says he is all about neighborhood integrity. His “integrity” would cripple our local economy, spike housing prices, and stop all the progress we are making as a city. It would do this with money donated to save lives. We at dtlarealestate.com ask that you ask yourself what integrity really means and vote no on NII in March.

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